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A Pontoon Wedding

by Susan
(Morayfield, Queensland Australia)

Pontoon Hug

Pontoon Hug

This picture shows the moment my beautiful niece's new husband first hugged my mother. The look on my mother's face is priceless!

I was so touched to see how this picture came out. My niece and her husband had just been married moments before.

The setting was so romantic. My niece had been brought to her wedding in a yacht. She seemed to float up the gang plank to meet her husband-to-be and the two were married on the pontoon at Rosslyn Bay Boat Club in Queensland, Australia.

The sun was just setting and it turned the water glorious shades of pink and gold which matched the colours of the roses over the arch and in the bride's bouquet perfectly.

We had traveled from both north and south of the wedding venue to be with this special couple on their day, so it was a holiday for family guests!

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Oct 09, 2016
Wedding Magic
by: Anonymous

Your photo and story captured the magic of the moment; it felt like I was there with you!

Oct 08, 2016
Beach Wedding Bliss
by: Marylyn

Hi Sue,

What a beautiful photo. I truly appreciate your sharing this wonderful moment with us all and you are right. The sunset colours match your niece's wedding bouquet exactly not to mention the wedding flowers overall. Great capture!

BTW, I used to live in Morayfield. Hasn't the place changed over the past 10 years!

Thank you for your entry and I wish you all the best in the competition.


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