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Hi There My Name Is Marylyn - Known To friends As Maz

It was 2008 and I was sitting one day trying to figure out what I was going to do for the next so many years?

It was sheer fluke that I happened to find the SBI site and reading what they had to say about building my very own website I suddenly started to think.

I love to write, I enjoy being creative and I thought I wonder if doing something like that would be interesting to me?

Totally out of my depth I began to research what I could enjoy writing about and hence the birth of Family Getaways Melbourne. I'm still sitting at the computer several years along and still thoroughly enjoying myself. This is definitely one sure fine way of keeping the brain from crashing and burning.

I've become this funny old frustrated nomad who is, at the moment, living a very full and satisfying life disguised as Melbourne's best grannie guide to what's on, in and around Melbourne.

Living The Nomadic Lifestyle

living the nomad lifestyle - grannie on a bike

About me  is about......As a young kid I moved around a lot, as a teenager I continued the trend. Married life was no different and finding myself single again had me trying out suburbs that I never knew existed. The kids, all 5 of them god bless their little hearts, treated the whole thing as a game. I think the longest time we ever spent settled in a house was for a 5 year period and that was because I had lost the car keys.

The Detour

My nomadic predisposition had been well and truly deeply embedded into my subconscious as from an early age, so much so that once the kids had left home I was looking forward to settling into a nomadic lifestyle. However as fate would have it the universe had other plans for me. These days I enjoy my time raising one of the grandchildren and doing a lot of armchair travelling.

The great thing is that it is keeping me young at heart, tired...you bet, but with a peer group the age of your own children, you have no hope of getting old.

About me  is about...I fell into the idea of building an online business because of circumstances. There are two things that I am passionate about and they are my family and traveling.

Unable to do the real nomad stuff yet, I am still able to have the time to combine the two in a unique way.

The Changing Faces Of Family Getaways Melbourne

changing faces of Family Getaways Melbourne

This is About Me and My Family Getaways Melbourne Website

It was the conversation that I overheard on the school playground one day between a couple of the young mums. They were discussing What they could do on the weekend and where could they go that didn't cost a fortune...

Time may have moved on but things had not changed one little bit. I used to take my kids here, there and everywhere...usually with half the neighborhood as well.

It was quite a chore trying to figure out the what to do-s and the where to go-s back then as technology was very different. Information was not that easy to get, the Internet...what was that?

These days with the internet and the millions of websites out there, I assumed that it would be quite easy to find a quick answer. However it would seem that this is not so....

I Love Melbourne and Its Surrounds

So I sat down and started to list all the places that we had been to over the years and I was amazed..I actually got writers cramp. I asked around and found out that the information that I had was of real interest and could really help these families.

In the beginning started out with a large monitor and tower and leads running everywhere for speakers, mouse and camera etc. Basically I cut my teeth on this unit but nowadays I've become more portable and less bulky! I have a fantastic laptop and this has now opened up my ability to move around! Just a coupe of portable hard drives and my laptop, my mobile phone and I'm all over the place... quite 21st century.

My Office Space

my home office these days

So it's me and my 3 finger typing skills, my memories and an amazing Company called SBI. We spend hours together working on my very own website Family Getaways Melbourne and having a great time.

So how does someone who knows very little about computers, writing editorial, downloading and editing photos and so on?

Past, Present and Future Of Family Getaways Melbourne

  • In the beginning I was introduced to a unique site building process by a friend and immediately saw that I could really give it a go. The ongoing support was there and the tools that I needed were all available.
  • But I thought..."I can't write!" Not to be defeated, I decided to investigated further. SBI have several free e-Books and I downloaded these, devoured the words and came to the conclusion that I could do this.
  • Because of my unique circumstances and responsibilities I needed to be looking at doing something like working from home.

About me  is about...The more involved I have become with the free learning material, the free support and the free tutorials etc that SBI offers the more determined I have become to produce a really valuable and informative website.

It's not just all about me either as I believe if you ...

  • have an interest or a passion
  • want something very different to do that is rewarding and challenging
  • have some very unique fun
  • even want to go back to study

then SBI may interest you.

Just contact me personally for more information.

The Support Is Invaluable

My website has developed over the years as I have learnt new processes and strategies. All these have been expertly explained by SBI. Not only that the SBI forum and online Social Media community have been invaluable in offering support and advice, great platforms for instant advice and input - wouldn't have been able to do this without them.

About Me  is about doing the nomad thing down the track. For the time being my nomads are on the back burner however I am satisfying my little urges with short trips here and there.

At the moment I love to share the experiences and suggest them to you to experience with your own family. It's not just all about me.

There is a film out there called The Never Ending Story. Well I believe that the memories that you create with your family are your Never Ending Story. The experience of writing this About me page has only re-enforced the fact that my choices up till now are right on track.

I hope that you will return here often to find more of my fun and interesting places to enjoy with your family and friends. Enjoy your life and I wish you all the very best in Health, Wealth and Happiness...

With love

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