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Many buildings in my hometown of Melbourne display beautiful examples of the art deco era carefully and lovingly preserved and sometimes renovated to showcase the art deco style.

Art Deco was a globally popular style influencing architecture, interior design, industrial design, fashion, graphic arts and cinema.

Melbourne, Australia also has many surviving examples of art deco architecture scattered in the city itself and in and around the city's suburbs.

Palaise Theatre - St Kilda

The Palais Theatre in St Kilda compliments of

Among the best examples within the central business district are the Manchester Unity Building with it's incredibly beautiful art deco interior designs, the former Russell Street Police Headquarters and the now David Jones Bourke Street store just to mention a few.

Throughout the streets of Heidelberg, St Kilda, Port Melbourne and Elwood we can find beautiful examples of art deco houses.

Many still survive with their art deco interiors lovingly preserved.

The Foyer of The Ascot Theatre in St Kilda, Melbourne Australia compliments of

A great way to investigate some of these homes is to watch the Real Estate Sales Section.

And when an art deco style of a home or business comes up for sale and is opened for inspection go along and check out the detail.

You usually are allowed to take photos as you wander through some of Melbourne's oldest examples of the Art Deco Era.

In St Kilda, a south eastern suburb of Melbourne, you will find the Palais and the Astor theatres, considered to be some of the finest surviving art deco buildings in Australia.

The art deco interior design in both these theatres is incredibly exciting.

The Art Deco Style Explained Simply.

I found this excellent and informative video which includes some insight into some of Melbourne's Art Deco Buildings and history.

When researching material for this section on art deco interior design, I was amazed at just how much art deco historical evidence there is in Melbourne.

Not only displayed on the exterior of these buildings but beautifully presented in the buildings' interiors as well.

Places I have driven past and not even glanced at, now beckon me to take a closer look. 

A Selection Of Exciting Art Deco Interior Designs
Interiors and Exteriors

Click on any of the images below and you will be directed to the page
on that specific Art Deco topic.

Image link to site page on Melbourne's art deco clocks

Melbourne's Art Deco Clocks

Discover tower clocks on art deco architecture and wall clocks on buildings all in the art deco style in my hometown Melbourne, Australia.

Image link to the Site page n the Melbourne Myer art deco Chandelier

Myer Mural Hall Chandeliers

Myer Emporium Mural Hall art deco light fixtures-not just 1 but 3 beautiful art deco designs preserved for generations.

Image link to the Site page on art deco ladies

Melbourne's Art Deco Ladies

Examples of beautiful art deco artist artworks proudly on show on art deco building walls and sculptures predominatly displayed in our parks and gardens.

Image link to Site page on art deco wall art in Melbourne Australia

Amazing Art Deco Wall Art

Explore these glorious artworks on interior and exterior walls of Melbourne's buildings. Paintings, mosaics and art deco prints and posters beautifully displayed.

  I Love Melbourne's Art Deco Architecture 

Here is a small sample of some of Melbourne's excellent art deco style buildings, an amazing and exciting era.

thumbnail image link to site page on at deco clocks
thumbnail image link to site page on art deco ladies
thumbnail image link to site page on art deco wall art

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