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On the 6th floor of the Myer Emporium store in Bourke Street Melbourne, Australia we find the amazing art deco murals painted by Napier Waller.

This true art deco style has been artfully preserved and displayed to truly show the art deco artist's amazing talent.

Napier Waller lost his right arm in World War 1

However he managed to learn to paint with his left arm and went on to become Melbourne’s major mural artist.

His Myer murals depict women in all manner of fields. 

Women’s fashion throughout history including the art deco fashion era, have been artfully displayed along with sea and land transport vehicles throughout history.

Melbourne Myer Mural Hall

Napier Waller art deco mural in the Myer Mural Hall compliments of

Napier Waller's work is also featured on the outside of Melbourne's Newspaper House.

This art deco style mosaic facade was designed and built for the original owners "The Herald and Weekly times Ltd" in 1933/34

Technological advancements and the modernistic influences are captured in mosaic.

The statement "I'll put a girdle round about the earth" exemplifies the ever shrinking world due to transport innovations and newspaper and communication advancements.


Newspaper House

Napier Waller art deco Mosiac on the newspaper House Melbourne, Australia compliments of

The Manchester Unity Building has to be one of the most incredible examples of the art deco style with its art deco interior designs still beautifully preserved.

Designed by architect Marcus Barlow and built for the Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows, the Manchester Unity Building was completed in 1932.

It was built at the height of the great depression and provided work for over 300 people. Built in less than one year the building stands on the prominent Swanston and Collins Street corner and remains one of the city's most impressive examples of art deco architecture.

Manchester Unity Building

Art Deco Architecture

Manchester Unity Building melbourne Australia compliments of

Australian marbles are used extensively on interior walls throughout the building.

The Manchester unity building is also home to a number of long established dental practices, including Collins Dental Image on level 2, and the Manchester Unity Dental Centre on level 4.

The building is also home to a large number of Melbourne's jewellery traders.

Art Deco Interior Designs

Manchester Unity Building

Manchester Unity Building foyer Melbourne, Australia compliments of

The ground floor lobby, ceilings and cornices artwork depicts Aboriginals, Australian Flora and fauna as well as transport, building and primary industries.

Manchester Unity Building Art Deco Interior

Panel work around the walls of the Manchester Unity Building Melbourne Australia

Come take a tour through the Manchester Unity Building. This si the first of a series of videos that show you what this majestic building has to offer when it comes to authentic art deco design.

The eastern building of Buckley and Nunn, the Men's Store at 298-304 Bourke Street in Melbourne's central business district, was designed by the local architects Bates, Smart & McCutcheon.

The "Moderne or art-deco-style" building was constructed in 1933-1934.

It was decorated with male bas-relief figures in jazz-age costume, glazed terracotta panels and spandrels faced with stainless-steel chevrons and colourful musical-note symbols.

Buckley and Nunn was taken over by David Jones in 1982.

Art Deco Facade of the David Jones Building

298-304 Bourke Street Melbourne

The Facade of the David Jones building in Bourke Street Melbourne Australia compliments of

The Astor Theatre is a classic, single-screen movie theater located in St Kilda.

The design of the theatre is in the Art Deco style typical of the time. The Astor Theatre is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. It also maintains the tradition of showing Double Feature screenings for the price of single films.

Bas-relief Figure Astor Theatre - St Kilda

Bas-relief figure on one of the walls of the Astor Theatre in St Kilda, Melbourne-Australia compliments of

Enjoy a step back in time with this video depicting some of the theatre's amazing art deco style.

The Dear Old Girl Has Been Rescued!

The Calander Of Films Sun 7th June - Sat 19th September 2015

November 1924 saw the opening of the new Capitol Theatre at 113 Swanston Street in the heart of the city, opposite the Melbourne Town Hall.

The reason that I have included this building as part of the art deco wall art examples, is that one of the theatre's greatest features is the geometric plaster ceiling that flows down onto the theatre's walls.

Thousands of coloured lamps produce light that changes through all the various pastel hues of the spectrum, these are hidden amongst the plaster panels creating a crystalline cave effect.

The Plaster Ceiling and Walls of The Capitol Theatre

The Capitol Theatre ceiling in Melbourne Australia compliments of

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