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Australian Native Birds
   Hand Feeding At Grants Picnic Ground   

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One of the best places to experience some of these beautiful bird life is at Grants on Sherbrook up in the Dandenong Mountains where you can actually hand feed Australian Parrots such as the colorful bird, the crimson rosella.

Many examples of our Native Birds can be found here in the magnificent Dandenong Ranges. Some birds are quite tame and enjoy human interraction whilst others are timid and secretive.

There is one spot where we are able to hand-feed colorful and unusually tame Australian parrots, Grants Picnic Ground next door to Grants on Sherbrook.

This is a popular destination for both Tourists and Melbournians as there are ample picnic areas to enjoy.

Drop into Grants On Sherbrooke and purchase a bag of bird-seed, stroll down one of the walking tracks and enjoy this unique experience.

The Australian Crimson Rosella

Australian Crimson Rosella

Here you will find several different varieties of Australian native birds such as the...

  • crimson rosella
  • the majestic king parrot
  • the beautiful and colorful rainbow lorikeet
  • eastern rosella
  • sulphur crested cockatoo to mention just a few.

Australian King Parrot

feeding one of the birds of Australia- the king parrot compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/andy_emcee/3512044941/in/photostream/

There are some amazing books around on the subject of our Aussie' native birds and this is one that I have selected as a supurb example of what can be found here in Australia.

Field Guide to the Birds of Australia
This is an amazing Field Guide to the Birds of Australia Great suggestion for a coffee table book.
For more great books on Australian parrots, just visit ... Fishpond

Hand Feed Australian Native Birds

feeding the sulphur crested cockatoo up in the Dandenong mountains compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/hiperactivo/5578653153/in/photostream/

Feeding Sulphur Crested Cockatoos

At the Grants Picnic Ground you have several options to choose from if you wish to actually have a bite to eat.

Why not put together a great family picnic meal then just choose one of the ample picnic tables that are scattered throughout the grounds.

Get there fairly early as the area is very popular and can fill quite quickly.

The weekends are especially busy so perhaps a visit during the week may be a better idea.

Tuck in enjoy your meal among the rainforest Australian plants and listen out perhaps for the song of a laughing kookaburra.

Australian Laughing Kookaburras

2 kookaburras compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/tostie14/1388006134/

Or you may choose to enjoy a delicious selection from the menu at Grants on Sherbrook formally known as The Sherbrook Tearooms.

The Licensed Bistro has been extensively renovated and you can now dine either inside or al-freso on the expansive outdoor deck watching the Australian Native Birds.

They also provide a delicious take-away service and yummy picnic hampers, grab your bag of birdseed and head on outback to feed the Australian Native Birds.

Grants Picnic Area - Dandenong Mountains

Feeding the Australian native birds at Grants Picnic Ground

Choose a unique gift or souvenir of our Australian native birds as they have an extensive range.

If you are into art and craft browse through locally produced handcrafts and produce.

There are toys, games and so much more at Grants on Sherbrook.

Where Are They - How Do We Get There?

The Destructive But Beautiful Black Cockatoo.

The Beautiful Black Cockatoo

Travel deep into the heart of the Sherbrook Forest just an easy drive up through gigantic eucalyptus gum trees that stand tall and straight either side of the road.

Past luscious prehistoric ferns and bubbling brooks and into the magnificent Dandenong Ranges, all this on Melbourne's Burwood Hwy.

Travel through the hamlet of Upper Ferntree Gully.

Explore quaint little mountain villages such as Upwey, Tecoma and Belgrave.

Discover the home of Melbourne's world famous Puffing Billy.

View Dandenong Mountains Melbourne Australia in a larger map

Beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet

Australian rainbow lorikeet

Treat Yourself To Some Time Off

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Here is a selection for a top Melbourne accommodation choice.

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