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The Eco Friendly European Tricar operates as a LAND SHUTTLE SERVICE transporting passenger from the ferry terminals at Sorrento and Queenscliff.

This 3 wheeled sustainable vehicle has the capacity to carry up to 6 passengers and connects to both of these Victorian, historic town centres.

  • The recent addition of the land shuttle service through the CBD district of Melbourne creates another exciting aspect for locals and tourists alike.
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This little transport vehicle is actually a zero-emission, all electric shuttle bringing a little bit of a European style to Victoria and fun way to explore attractions on either side of Port Phillip Bay as well as the major city centre of Melbourne, Australia.

The Bongo Transit Community vehicle

The Bongo Transit Shuttle

The little 3 wheeled car has been registered as a bus and is professionally operated as a get-on, get-off service

This unique mode of transport adds to the fun of a journey across Port Phillip Bay and the environmentally-friendly transport aspect certainly ticks a lot of boxes for a community based service.

One has to ask the question when traveling as a foot passenger on the searoad ferry, how do you get around and explore the regions once you get off?

Basic Bongo Facts

  • 100% eco friendly
  • Bongo's have the capacity to carry up to 6 adults
  • Pick-up is from the ferry terminal on either side of the bay
  • The Company offers a personalized service
  • Vehicles are suitable for all weather condition transport, open air or full covered protection
  • Low cost transport option (particularly when you are sharing the journey)
  • Can offer specialized City Centre shopping tour advice
  • Day tours are available
  • Wedding car hire is offered
  • Corporate events can be catered for
  • A total unique and adaptable transport service

Eco Friendly Transport

The Bongo shuttle vehicle

Bongo Transit Tours

Experience a unique 3 wheeled sustainable vehicle journey around the townships of Queenscliff and Sorrento. Explore all there is to know from some of Australia's finest wines and gourmet foods to up close and personal interaction with some of Australia's unique wildlife.

Bongo Touring In Southern Victoria

Touring the coast in the Bongo Transit vehicles

The guides on either side of the bay are local tourism specialists who know the area, the secret little places most tourists never get to see and everything there is to know about each township not to mention the surrounding region.

The Sorrento Experience

3 x 3 wheeled sustainable vehicles operate on the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay. Ride the transit shuttle up into Sorrento's unique village. Explore antique shops, art galleries and some of the regions amazing history. There is the Nepean Historical Museum, the Pioneer Cottage and the Collins Settlement Historic Site.

The town has a number of grand historic homes and hotels which date back to the 1860s, almost all of which have been constructed with local limestone.

On this side of the bay you will find amazing wineries, golf courses and of course some of Victoria's most beautiful beaches.

The Queenscliff Experience

3 x 3 wheeled sustainable vehicles operate on the western side of the bay. Transport yourselves into a bye gone era where crinoline dresses and top hats were once worn.

Wander past heritage architecture, art galleries and specialist shops. Don't forget to check out the local Queenscliff Market and where you can pick up some amazing local produce.

Bongo, Get On Board

bongo shuttle service

Enquire about a tour across from Queenscliff to Point Lonsdale to visit more historic sites including the Point Lonsdale lighthouse and old gaol. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy eating under the gigantic foreshore pines that tower the cliffs at Queenscliff or why not enjoy a delicious meal at one of the local Hotels.

The Melbourne Experience

A BONGO Transit Tour is a great way to explore inner city of Melbourne.

You will enjoy your CBD discovery as your Bongo Transit driver's expert commentary shares stories from the city's fascinating past and present day transformations.

CLICK THIS LINK to check out the Bongo Melbourne City TOURS details

The Melbourne Docklands Precinct - Bongo Tour No'2

Melbourne, Australia Docklands

Click this link for booking enquiries for the 'Bongo Melbourne Touring' experience.

  • Both sides of the bay offer different and diverse landscapes and panoramic sea views, explore early Victorian history and meet and mix with the locals.
  • Explore Melbourne's unique city precincts and ever changing skyline.

Definitely tours that will create wonderful memories.

The unique thing about Bongo Transit is that you can design your tour the way you want it. Incorporate this mode of transport into your unique tour

Just a phone call to discuss your needs, that's all it takes.

  • Buying a ticket you get to use the service all day.
  • The service operates on a Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 11:30am and 4:30pm approximately.
  • Pre bookings are essential with 24 hours minimum notice for any day of the week.
  • Group Bookings can be made available for up to 36 passengers.

Contact ...
Bongo Transit Shuttle Service

Booking link for Bongo transit shuttle

2/9 Edgewater Close

Point Lonsdale VIC 3225


1800 4 BONGO

The transit vehicle can be also be used for parties and special occasions - weddings, birthdays and even combine it to be included as part of a gift for someone you love. I can see an anniversary trip up into one of the wineries coming up.

The Bongo Specialty Transit Vehicle - Here Comes The Bride

Bongo wedding transport to Sorrento back beach

The Bongo Transit Shows Off At The Victorian Regional Living Expo

Bongo Transit at the Victorian Regional Living Expo

Christmas through to the end of January 2016
The Bongo Transit Shuttle will be operating every day of the week. 

Bookings are essential!

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