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Bribie Island 2000

by Sue
(Bonnie Doon, Victoria, Australia)

Dad and his Brothers on Bribie Island

Dad and his Brothers on Bribie Island

I just had to enter my Dad's pride and joy

We were all staying at my Aunt's on Bribie Island and this day Dad and his brothers took off to the local fishing hole

The back beach on the Island

I tagged along to do some beachcombing but the sand was so clean! No shells but plenty of Blue Sky and crystal clear water. Nothing but clean sand for miles and miles.

So I just sat and sunbaked and enjoyed this incredibly beautiful place.

Dad said afterward that it was one of the best days that he had ever had. That it had brought back memories of times the 3 brothers had taken off to do a spot of fishing when they were little kids.

It was the first and only time I have ever seen my Dad tear up..."Men don't ever cry" he says.

They didn't catch anything then either

Hope you like it!


Hi Sue,

Thank you for the snap shot.
Sounds like your Dad is a favourite of yours. Good times and great family memories. Cherish them.
Bribie Island is beautiful, isn't it.
I am happy to accept your entry into the Family Beach Photo competition and I wish you luck.

Keep well and give your Dad a big hug, I love his photo too.


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Nov 16, 2009
Dad's Gone Fishing
by: Anonymous

Love the photo.
Memories, enough to sometimes make you cry!
My dad cries all the time and I love him for it.
I can feel that you love your Dad lots, me too.
Good luck.
You have my vote.

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