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East Loop

Take in Melbourne's attractions riding the east route sitting in the free City Circle Tram, Melbourne's heritage listed burgundy tram.

The Top 5 City attractions along the eastern City Circle Tram route

Remember that you are able to hop on or off at any stops along the way.

If you are strapped for time then listed here are the top 5 attractions I suggest you visit using this option.

Otherwise do all the City attractions along the way.

Give yourself plenty of time to explore. I know you will love what you find.

There is no need to worry as another City Circle burgundy tram will be along to collect you once you have finished exploring.

What Attractions To See On The City Circle Tram East Loop?

The Old Melbourne Gaol

Old Melbourne Gaol compliments of Steve Curle

Open now to the Public, this gaol was the place for the unfortunate hangings of 136 persons.

The Notorious Bushranger Ned Kelly ended his life here at the end of the Hangman's Rope in 1880.

The Gaol is also said to be wonder!

The Melbourne Museum

Melbourne Museum compliments of

Hop off the City Circle Tram East Loop Tour here and take a short stroll up to the new modern Melbourne Museum.

Here you can find some great interactive displays, incredible artifacts, some of Melbourne's history and a great educational experience for the whole Family...take along a picnic or snack at the yummy Museum Cafe.

For information on what is on display go to...

The Melbourne Museum

The Royal Exhibition Building And The Carlton Gardens

The Royal Exhibition Buildings Melbourne Australia compliments of

On the City Circle Tram East Loop and surrounded by beautifully manicured lawns and delightfully planted garden beds is the unique and very Queen Victorian looking building...the Royal Exhibition Building.

With its huge high ceilings, elaborate decorations, light fittings and majestic open spaces reminiscent of those Palace Ballrooms of a bygone era the place exudes elegance, class and majesty.

An excellent reference book on the heritage building can be found here on Fishpond

The Princess Theater

The Princess Theatre Melbourne Australia compliments of

Continue your City Circle Tram East Loop Tour with a visit to The Princess Theater.

This beautiful theater was built in 1854, home to the Ghost of Frederick Baker (Federici).

The theater has been the venue for wonderful Stage Productions including....

  • Les Miserables (1989)
  • The Phantom of theOpera (1990)
  • Cats (1993)
  • West Side Story (1994)
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Chess
  • The Boy from Oz
  • The Importance of Being Ernest
  • Sound of Music (2000)
  • Mamma Mia (2002)
  • The Producers (2004)
  • Swan Lake on Ice (2006)
  • Dirty Dancing (2006)
  • Kiss me, Kate (2006)
  • The Phantom of the Opera (2007)
  • Guys and Dolls (2008)
  • Jersey Boys (2009)
  • Hairspray (October 2010)
  • South Pacific (2012)

I have a personal empathy with this dear old theatre as my darling Grandmother used to take me to the theater when I was a young girl.

Every year we would go along to enjoy the children's TV/Videos or DVD's back then, just great down to earth interactive stage fun and games.

Peter Pan, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood, the Ballet, the costumes the sounds and the stage sets were enthralling.

What's on at the theatre go to...The Princess Theatre.

Parliament House

Parliament House Melbourne Australia compliments of

Parliament House is home to the Victorian Government. A majestic old building at the top of Bourke Street.

Free tours operate when Parliament is not sitting.

City Museum at The Old Treasury

Old Treasury Building and City Museum compliments of

There are always different Exhibitions and Displays being held here in this amazing old Building.

The Old Treasury Building offers an exciting exhibition experience on Melbourne's history, particularly from the Gold Rush era.

Come visit the gold vaults!

Open Sunday through to Wednesday.

FREE entry.

For more information go to.... Old Treasury Buildings Museum

Fitzroy Gardens and Cooks Cottage

Cooks Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne Australia compliments of

The City Circle Tram east loop passes the Fitzroy Gardens.

In these beautiful gardens you will find...

  • an amazing Conservatory
  • the Incredible Miniature Tudor Village
  • the enchanting Fairy Tree
  • the Fascinating Captain Cook's Cottage. This was shipped here from Yorkshire in 1934.

You may like to investigate more on Captain James Cook. I have chosen a selection of books from Fishpond that may interest you.

In Search of Captain Cook: Exploring the Man Through His Own Words

In Search of Captain Cook: Exploring the Man Through His Own Words...Captain James Cook was the greatest explorer of his age, perhaps of any age. He was a leader of men, a master voyager who journeyed to unknown places, a seeker of knowledge who commanded three demanding scientific expeditions.
Farther Than Any Man: The Rise and Fall of Captain Cook

Farther Than Any Man: The Rise and Fall of Captain Cook...James Cook never laid eyes on the sea until he was in his teens. He then began an extraordinary rise from farmboy outsider to the rank of captain of the Royal Navy, leading three historic journeys that would link his name with fearless exploration. This text portrays a complex man of tremendous ambition, intellect and sheer hardheadedness.

Captain Cook's War and Peace: The Royal Navy Years, 1755-1768

Captain Cook's War and Peace: The Royal Navy Years, 1755-1768...The author of two critically acclaimed books on Captain Cook, John Robson has now turned his attention to the decade leading up to Cook's famous 1768 expedition to the Pacific. This new book investigates why Cook was chosen to captain Endeavor and how he became uniquely qualified for the exacting tasks of exploration.

The Forum Theater

Forum Theatre Melbourne Australia compliments of

Originally built in 1929.

Now redeveloped and now used as a film and concert venue. The theatre is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

It is also a venue for the annual Melbourne International Film Festival.

For information on what is showing go to..... Forum Theater

Birrarung Marr - Federation Bells

Birrarung Marr and the Federation Bells Melbourne Australia compliments of

This park is Melbourne's most newest and home to some great artworks, intriguing plantings and wonderful modern garden designs.

Home to the fascinating Federation Bells and The Angel Sculpture, a place well worth visiting.

Federation Square

Watching tennis on the Big Screen at Federation Square in Melbourne Australia compliments of

Federation Square houses...

  • the National Gallery of Victoria's Australian Art Collections
  • the Australian Center for the Moving Image
  • the Melbourne Visitor's Center
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • some really amazing public open spaces.

So here we are back at Flinders Street Station having completed the City Circle Tram East Loop and there are of course so many more attractions within the City of Melbourne that we have not even addressed.

The City Circle Tram offers a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a great family getaway, a bargain weekend break and a very unique day trip idea.

Whether it be a City Circle Tram East Loop , the City Circle Tram West Loop or a combination of both I believe that the Free City Circle Tram is a fantastic way of enjoying the amazing City of Melbourne.

  City Circle Tram West Loop

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