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One of the best things to do in Melbourne to take in the city's attractions is to ride on the No' 35 City Circle Tram.

This is a heritage listed, burgundy tram that transports you around the city in either an easterly or westerly direction.

This ride is totally free and most times you will have a conductor on board who will be able to point out some of the best Melbourne attractions that the city has on offer.

The Melbourne City Circle Tram

City Circle Tram Melbourne Australia compliments of

We are now going to travel anticlockwise around the city, these are some of the points of interest you can find along the way.

Jump off at any time, go have a look and then jump back on board the No' 35 when you want to continue your tour.

Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station Melbourne Australia compliments of

To begin the City Circle Tram West Loop tour of the Business District of Melbourne we jump on board the City Circle Tram at the Flinders Street Station-Tram stop.

What To See On The City Circle Tram West Loop

The Immigration Museum

The Immigration Museum Melbourne Australia compliments of

Here are housed stories of people from all over the world who have arrived here in Australia since the 1800's.

Explore the displays and perhaps trace your own ancestry.

Rialto Towers Melbourne Australia compliments of

The Rialto - Observation Deck

The City Circle Tram West Loop passes close by The Rialto Towers.

This building offers 360* views of the City and is one of Melbourne's Tallest Skyscrapers.

The public used to be able enjoy the viewing experience on the Observation Deck, however this in now closed.

If you would like to take in the city from such a vantage point then the Eureka Skydeck is now available to do so.

The Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium viewing tunnel Melbourne Australia compliments of

The City Circle Tram west loop takes you to where you can find Giant Sharks and Stingrays that float overhead in this huge Oceanarium.

Live Coral flutters in front of your eyes as little clown fish play in and out of their fronds...a beautiful and educational experience for the whole family.

Sharks and stingrays swim overhead as you view these sea creatures from the safety of the viewing tunnels.

The Webb Bridge

The Webb Bridge at the Melbourne Docklands Australia compliments of

Hopping off here at the Dockland precinct we find this bicycle and pedestrian link which is a truly amazing award winning design.

City Circle Tram Travels The Harbour Esplanade

City Circle Tram travels the Docklands Harbour Esplanade compliments of

From here we can now explore the exciting, new and modern Docklands precinct.

The Docklands Park

Storm over Docklands Park Melbourne Australia compliments of

We continue the City Circle Tram West Loop Tour through this great grassed and reclaimed wetland area.

Here you can find lots of wonderful modern sculptures and sitting here, looking around you can actually feel the excitement of a growing City.

Modern buildings for business and living constantly being built all around you.

Big boats, little boats, hustle and what an exciting area of Melbourne!

Look for the great Storyboards telling tales of the Maritimes and the Industrial past of this growing area.

The Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium Melbourne Australia compliments of

This is Melbourne's Sport's and Entertainment Venue.

The roof is an amazing piece of engineering as it has the ability to be retracted.

The Flagstaff Gardens

Possum in Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne Australia compliments of

A beautiful place for a Picnic on the manicured lawns under beautiful majestic trees surrounded by all the noises of the bustling city.

The Queen Victoria Market

American Doughnut King Food Van

American Doughnut King Food Van outside the Queen Victoria Market Melbourne Australia compliments of

We are halfway around the Route on our City Circle Tram West Loop and this is where we pause.

The Queen Victoria Market is Melbourne's oldest and largest market.

The best shopping experience offering...

  • fresh fruit and vegetables
  • prime cuts of meat
  • fresh fish
  • deli delights
  • soft, fleshy exotic breads
  • huge selections of very different cheeses from all over the world
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • manchester
  • Different gift ideas
  • unusual crafts
  • souveniers

What an amazing shopping experience.

The sights, sounds and smells will be a delight to all the Family, quite out of this world.

You can continue along this route and end up back at Flinders Street Station however I would like to take you on another journey, along the City Circle Tram East Loop.

City Circle tram East Loop Attractions

Explore Melbourne's Exciting Southbank

What's happening at Federation Square?

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