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Take yourself back to the 18th Century and wander through this quaint little cottage standing in the centre of the city of Melbourne, Australia

Experience a real sense of how people, including the Cooks, lived in England during that time.

The quaint little building can be found in the Fitzroy Gardens right in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.

Listen to sounds of a bygone era, explore the gardens and marvel at the simplicity of life in the 18th Century.

The Fitzroy Gardens Cooks Cottage

Cooks Cottage Fitzroy gardens melbourne Australia compliments of

Dismantled in England, shipped to Australia and put back together in 1933, we can now enjoy a trip back in time wandering through this little house.

If you listen closely you can hear an imaginary conversation that may have taken place way back all those years ago.

The house originally belonged to the parents of the famous Captain James Cook.

Statue Of Captain James Cook

Statue of Captain James Cook in Fitzroy Gardens melbourne Australia compliments of

It was built in the village of Great Ayton in Yorkshire, England.

The Cottage is now located conveniently close to the world class Melbourne Conservatory.

Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne Conservatory

Melbourne Conservatory Fitzroy gardens Melbourne Australia compliments of

With glorious English Elms to wander under, Autumn is a great season to run through the fallen leaves...

A great opportunity to create some wonderful family photo memories.

European trees and majestic English Elm trees, Victorian fountains, statues and the amazing and forever growing Melbourne skyline provides a unique family leisure activity.

All the family can take pleasure in exploring what these great parklands have to offer...something for everyone.

Where Is Cooks Cottage?

Easy to find using the Google Map below.

If you would like to plan your journey into the city just follow the trip planner.

Enter your starting point and destination, then follow the prompts.

View Fitzroy Gardens in a larger map

The Opening Hours

Monday through to Sunday.

9:00am --- 5:00pm (last visitor 4:45pm)

Captain Cooks Cottage is not open on Christmas Day

Entry costs are very will be pleasantly surprised.

   If Traveling In By Car...   

Metered parking is available on the boundaries of Wellington Parade, Claredon Street, Albert Street and Landsdown Street.

This operates from Monday through to Saturday.

   If Traveling By Public Transport...   

Take the Tram 48 or 75 from Flinders/Swanston Street to Stop 9 on Wellington Parade.

Catch the Free City Circle Tram Eastbound.

Hop off at Spring Street and walk south on Spring Street, across the Treasury Gardens and cross over Landsdown Street.

Or you can catch the Train to Parliament Station, Spring Street Exit.

Walk through the Treasury Gardens and cross over Landsdown Street.

What To See At Cooks Cottage

Typical Flowers In An 18th Century Garden

Cooks Cottage 18th Century English garden

The Garden around the Cottage is typically English, with herbs, vegetables and flowers that might have been grown and used for food, medicine, dyes, fragrances etc...

Wander around and take in all the sights, the perfumes and the good for the soul.

Mailbox outside Cooks Cottage in Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne Australia compliments of

Send a Postcard

Mail a postcard back home to family or friends at the Red Post Box, a replica of an early English mailbox.

Select one of the many postcards at on offer, some are even pre-stamped.

Get your postcard specially franked and then send it on its way.

animated sailing ship of by-gone era

Sail the High Seas.

With a great interactive display of Cook's 3 voyages you can experience the sights, sounds and excitement of days gone by.

A Photo Shoot At The Discovery Center.

Have a life size photo of yourself and your family taken in an 18th Century pose.

Be sure to visit the Captain Cook's Gift Shop where you can purchase your gifts and souvenirs from the Fitzroy Gardens Visitor Centre, 100 metres away from the cottage.

Choose from the great  selection of souvenirs and gifts such as ;

  • Model Ships.
  • Maps of Cooks Voyages.
  • Compasses.
  • DVD's and books on Cook's Journeys.
  • A selection of replicas of the Cooks Cottage.
  • Keyrings.
  • Magnets.
  • Spoons.
  • Stationary.
  • Apparel.
  • Confectionery.
  • Books and CD's.
  • Postcards and so much more...

Very Basic Implements Used In Early 18th Century Living

Inside Cooks Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne Australia compliments of

Life was simple and unaffected in the 18th Century.

No computers, television or electricity! Everything had a use and was recycled. Basic and bare essentials were used to do everything.

When you have finished exploring the Cottage you may like to amble through the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens.

Directional Sign Post In Fitzroy Gardens

Cooks Cottage and Signpost compliments of

Wander the Fitzroy Gardens

Here in the Fitzroy Gardens you can also find the Scarred Tree and the Fairy Tree.

Scarred Tree And Fairy Tree Fitzroy Gardens

Scarred Tree and Fairy tree Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne Australia

  • The Conservatory.
  • Sinclair's Cottage (view from the outside)
  • The Pavilion Cafe.
  • The Model Tudor Village.
  • The English Elm Trees.

Sinclairs Cottage Fitzroy Gardens

Sinclairs Cottage in Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne Australia compliments of

Miniature Tudor Village Fitzroy Gardens

Miniature Tudor Village Fitzroy Gardens melbourne Australia compliments of

- If it is history then you will love Cooks Cottage and the Fitzroy Gardens.

- If it is a love of Cottages and old buildings then you will love Cooks Cottage.

- If it just a picnic in the park with the family then you will love this quaint yet beautiful area.

Make A Picnic More Enjoyable

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More Entertaining Melbourne History

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