The Dawn Princess Cruise
Trip of a Lifetime - 2013

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Melbourne Cruise Terminal

Melbourne cruises don't just have to be all about Melbourne. What about other parts of Australia and even other parts of the world?

I had seen this ship docked at Station Pier and always promised myself that one day I would enjoy the experience cruising on board this massive ocean liner, The Dawn Princess.

Well the time had come and I can tell you the experience was something I will never forget! The look on my granddaughters face as she entered the main foyer was priceless. Glittering gold and chandeliers and opulent carpet and so much more to take in. A totally breathtaking experience for both of us.

To think that such a large ship could just cruise into Port Phillip Bay, dock at the pier down there in Port Melbourne, is truly amazing.

The Dawn Princess Cruise Liner Docked At Station Pier

The Dawn Princess docked at Station Pier Port Melbourne

When my Granddaughter and I sailed on The Dawn Princess she was based in Melbourne and cruising Tasmania and New Zealand. Since then she has been moved up to Sydney, NSW as her base where she cruises the islands and New Zealand.

The Dawn Princess Delicious La Scala Pizeria

Pizza on the Dawn Princes

The Dawn Princess Fabulous Buffet At The Horizon Court

Eating at the Buffet Restaurant on the Dawn Princess

On Board The Dawn Princess

Truly a great way to experience the open seas and what a wonderful way to create memories for all the family on a Dawn Princess Cruise.

  • The Dawn Princess cruise ship has a great kids club to entertain the children while you do "your thing" whether it be to totally relax, soak up the sun or party into the wee hours o the morning.
  • The Dawn Princess Cruise ship's crew and staff are thoroughly professional and the service is next to none.
  • The facilities are fantastic with separate sections for Adults only and delicious open air areas up there on decks 12 and 14. This was where we spent most of our time, well when we weren't eating that is.
  • Speaking of! Plenty of choices from Formal Dining to buffet style smorgasbord. Pizzas, hamburgers, gourmet delights, afternoon high tea, 24 hr room service snacks and many choices!
  • And shopping, don't get me started. Top quality duty free goodies and there are souvenirs on bard to make things convenient.
  • The Princess Patter is the ships newsletter that arrives the night before with all the events etc for the following day. Just pick what you want to do and when you want to do it as most of the shows are repeated throughout the day.
  •  Enjoy watching movies on the open Deck 12 under the stars at night or watch great pop concerts on the huge screen during the day.
  • If you are heading onto New Zealand you are in for an amazing time. The ports that you are going to visit are fantastic and the scenery is breathtaking. You have to book this cruise of a lifetime at least once. Amazing cruise!

This and so much more makes the Dawn Princess Cruise a fantastic adventure for you and all your family to thoroughly enjoy and remember forever. Don't forget to take those photos and if you haven't got a camera then you can buy a great one on board. They have a fantastic selection of duty free models.

The Dawn Princess Cruise On And Off The Ship

Just A few Memories

The Dawn Princess Cruise to New Zealand collage of memories on board and off

A Few Simple Travel Tips To Help You enjoy Your
Dawn Princess Cruise

  • When packing, roll your clothes up as this will give you more room in your suitcase/s
  • Pack all weather clothes as it can get quite cold up there under the stars on decks 12 and 14
  • Bring some pegs along to hang wet clothes. There is a small line in your shower to use when needed
  • There are plenty of coat hangers and drawers for your clothes
  • Cases can be stored under the bed/s
  • Wear comfortable shoes if you intend to do a lot of sightseeing
  • Use sunscreen and plenty of it as the sun out there on the high seas is treacherous
  • Take a "traveler" - an insulated and capped mug as you can refill this at any time at the coffee and water station - I used the one on Deck 14
  • Take a drink bottle for your water and refill it at the water station. Don't use the ship water to drink
  • Chips, lollies, chocolate and nuts can end up being quite expensive so if you are hungry take full advantage of room service, seems the salty air makes one hungry - or was that my excuse
  • If you intend to drink a lot on board then investigate the Ship's offer re drinks.
  • You can exchange your Australian dollars for New Zealand dollars on the ship for a small fee
  • No need to eat formally if you don't want to as the other eating options are great, casual and full of variety
  • Kids can go into the Casino area accompanied by an adult to play board and card games like scrabble, monopoly, UNO etc
  • The photos taken on boar by the Ship's Photographer can work out expensive but they are great memories to take home with you. Each Port offers the photo shoot, up to you if you want to purchase the photo
  • Pre-book your tours early as the can fill up very quickly. Preferably book them tentatively before you go on the cruise
  • Eat a light meal the first night you are on board and settle into sea travel. If you are worried about sea sickness then take either a Travel Calm or Kwells tablet. I found I was quite good until I hit our return trip through the rough and wild Tasman Sea! But 1 tablet seemed to do the trick
  • On reentering Australia make sure that you declare any items that you need to, if you are unsure declare them anyway and ask Customs
  • If you are concerned about too much luggage coming back with you, the shopping is amazing, there are trolleys at Station Pier for you to use when you get off the ship
  • Pre-book your taxi to collect you when you have completed your cruise

For more information and suggestions that will help you enjoy your exciting cruise check out the downloadable Cruise Answer Book - Princess Cruises

The Dawn Princess Anchored In Akarowa Harbour

The Dawn Princess Anchored In Akarowa Harbour

Station Pier Melbourne -
Melbourne's Cruise Terminal

The Dawn Princess docks at Station Pier in Port Melbourne. Best known as the Melbourne Cruise Terminal.

She pulls up right next to where The Spirit of Tasmania docks. When the two ships are together it becomes quite obvious that the Dawn Princess cruise liner is huge!

The Spirit Of Tasmania Is Dwarfed By The Dawn Princess

Spirit of Tasmania docked at Station Pier Port Melbourne, Australia

Getting to Station Pier can be quite daunting.

Here is a Google Map of the area.

If you are making your way to the Pier in your car just click on the blue icon and then hit the Directions button.

Fill in your start point and follow directions.

View Station Pier in a larger map

  • Parking is a premium when the ship is in dock. make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to find a place. The parking is meter parking only so have plenty of loose change or your credit card. BTW, it is not cheap so be prepared.
  • If you are just down to check the ship out do so after all passengers have debarked, usually by 12:00pm the rush period is over.
  • If you are lucky enough to be actually cruising, my suggestion is to be dropped off as close to the start of boarding time as possible to avoid the crowds.

Parking At Station Pier

Parking bays at Station Pier Victoria Harbour, Port Melbourne

Public transport is very conveniently close by.

An accessible tram service -route 109 operates from the Beacon Cove terminus right into the centre of the Melbourne CBD.

The Tram terminus is an easy 10 minute walk to and from the cruise terminal.

Follow this link as it shows you the tram route from the cruise ship to Federation Square right in the heart of the Melbourne Central Business district, Getting into the city the easy way. From there you will find the Information Centre for touring suggestions or right opposite the Square is Flinders Street station allowing you to travel by train to outer suburban areas to explore.

Note that travel on Public transport requires the purchase of a Myki ticket. This can be done at the Beacon Cove IGA Supermarket

Tram Route109 Beacon Cove

Tram at the start of route 109 Beacon Cove Victoria Harbour, Port Melbourne

Another very convenient way to get to and from the City is by way of a Melbourne taxi.

If you are coming in from the Airport and want to meet your cruise ship at Station Pier then why not use the convenience of booking a taxi. No need to book ahead as there are always plenty to choose from waiting there at the terminal. No need to hassle yourself with luggage and public transport and if there are others that you can share the taxi fare with, then that's all the better for you all.

Please note that the best option when you have returned from your Dawn Princess cruise is to pre-book your taxi for convenience. The cost is not exorbitant and if you are sharing, it is even cheaper. Pair up with a fellow traveler and save a few dollars.

But of course, if you have the dollars, why not travel in style!

Travel In Style - Black Hummer Limousine

Black Hummer limousine at Station Pier Port Melbourne

Time to book that Dawn Princess cruise and enjoy an amazing experience. The Dawn Princess truly is a great ship to relax and sail your troubles and stresses away.

Early Dawn Arrival Back Home In Melbourne

Arriving back in Melbourne on the Dawn Princess

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