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Eating Singapore Street Style
GF (Gluten Free) Pizza
Plus Afternoon Tea!

by Lesley

Killiney Singapore Restaurant Lygon Street

Killiney Singapore Restaurant Lygon Street

Killiney Singapore Restaurant Lygon Street
Hopetoun Tearooms, Block Arcade

On my first visit to Melbourne, a girly trip with my Mum, one of the things which struck me most was the wonderful array of different restaurants and food experiences.

I am gluten free and sometimes it's difficult to find enough choices, but Melbourne was very gluten free friendly.

I particularly enjoyed the Universal Italian Restaurant in Lygon Street which had a specially printed extensive gluten free menu and I could enjoy pizza which is a rare treat.

They also had two fabulous GF desserts.

Lygon Street had so much choice it was difficult to choose, but the competition means some restaurants are suffering and you do get a bit hassled by some of them as you walk by.

That reminded me of being in Bali!

My other favourite on Lygon Street was the Killiney Singapore Hawker Food Cafe.

The food was fantastic.

We had Beef Rendang and Lontong which were gorgeous and not too hot.

And they do a real selection of authentic dishes and desserts and drinks at amazing prices.

My partner was so jealous as he was born in Singapore and we'd left him at home on this trip!

We went a bit upmarket at the Hopetoun Tearooms in the Block Arcade because being a mad Art Deco fan I wanted to see the Florence Broadhurst wallpaper.

What a superb piece of history. The cakes were to die for as well, with at least 3 gluten free choices.

All in all a gastronomic delight.


Hi Lesley,

Wow, thanks for some fantastic insights into places I have never been to to eat!

I am sure anyone reading your story will be shuffling along to try out some of these gastronomical delights.

Hope to see you back in my Hometown one day soon in the near future.


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GF (Gluten Free) Pizza
Plus Afternoon Tea!

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Nov 19, 2012
Gluten Free Restaurants
by: Pamela

Thank you so much Lesley!
This is just the sort of information my mother is looking for.
Her sister is coming to visit from England and we want to take her to a restaurant where she can eat gluten free meals.
Wonderful! Now we can and right in the heart of the city.

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