Encountering conflict

by Jessica

Multicultural Day Federation Square

Multicultural Day Federation Square


What is conflict of purpose?

What is political conflict?

What are some examples of national conflict, socio-political conflict and cross cultural conflict?


Hi Jessica,

Boy, you have really asked some pretty strong questions!

The only way I can possibly answer you is this...

Australia is a very multi cultural country. We have people settled here from all over the world.

Melbourne, itself, is no different to any other city in Australia in so much as scattered throughout the city and the outer suburbs you will find people from every culture throughout the world.

My personal experience is to have married into the Lebanese culture and I have 4 beautiful Aussie(Anglo)/Lebanese children.

Later on in life I met a Shri Lankan gentleman and added to my multi cultural family.

I, personally aviod conflict with other nationalities as I believe other cultures can offer so much to learn from.

In so saying, I believe the answer to your question lies here. Australians are a friendly lot, open faced and open handed.

There will always be a certain amount of conflict when it comes to assimilation with another country and its inhabitants however "respect" between the differing nationalities usually finds common ground.

The media focuses on the negative accounts of racism, conflict etc...sells newspapers! The truth of the matter is there are more positive stories that never get told, that is a shame for all.

The world is getting smaller and Australia is a big Country with an even bigger heart.

I am unable and unqualified to answer your question any other way.

If you are studying this topic then perhaps a more academically qualified person need to give you the answer.

I am just a grandmother showing you my beautiful, friendly City. The place is friendly and so are the people.

Hope that helps a bit.


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