Family Fun at Tup Island

by Paula & Jeff
(Gold Coast Australia)

Crossing The Dividing Sea from Chicken Island to Tup Island

Crossing The Dividing Sea from Chicken Island to Tup Island

I love this picture; it brings back great memories of a fantastic family holiday that we shared with our two teenage kids in Thailand last year.

Sadly, long gone are the days where we would take the kids to the beach with bucket’s and spades to build sandcastles.

But the bonus of having older children, is that now we find most of our family holidays are now spent exploring the beaches in southern Thailand.

The picture I chosen for your wonderful contest was taken from Chicken Island just offshore from Krabi.

As you can see there are also two other islands in the distance.

These two islands are called Koh Mor and Tup Island.

If you look closely you will see a fine sand bar that is only visible on low tide.

This sandbar is called Talay Waek which means dividing sea and when the tide is right the three islands magically become one.

Fair warning if you go there make sure you wear reef shoes, the shells are a killer on your feet.


Hi Paula,
Beautiful place and magic story. Three become one! Fascinated with the name Chicken Island.
Is there a story associated with the name?
I have a friend who loves Chickens, she actually has a website about them.
Would love to know if there is a reason for the name.
Thank you for your fascinating entry and the best of luck in the Contest.

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Oct 19, 2015
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Tup Island is the great place for fun and enjoyment. I hope you and your family also had a lot of fun at that place.

I think the administration of that Island is active and always manages it well.

I like to say thanks for this post to share useful information about island.

Oct 03, 2015
Family Fun at Tup Island
by: Anonymous

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Oct 31, 2012
How Chicken Island Was Named
by: Paula

Chicken Island is also known as Koh Khai or Hua Khwan, but it is called "Chicken" because it resembles a Chicken.
There is a picture on our site under Krabi Beaches.

Found it!
Hey! It does look like a chicken...I gotta go tell Cath!
Thanks for supplying the information. Great site BTW.

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