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Oct 20, 2016

Melbourne Traffic | Road Trip Planner

The amount of Melbourne traffic on the roads at any one time is determined by the times of the day you travel, where you want to go and how you want to get there.

Continue reading "Melbourne Traffic | Road Trip Planner"

Oct 16, 2016

Golden Princess Cruise Ship | Imagine Cruising

The beautiful Golden Princess Cruise ship docks at Station Pier Melbourne taking on board passengers wanting to experience New Zealand cruises and cruises around the Australian coastline

Continue reading "Golden Princess Cruise Ship | Imagine Cruising"

Oct 12, 2016

Halloween Idea | Halloween October 31st

In October we start to think of the best Halloween idea to produce the best Halloween haunted house in the neighborhood, here are some ideas

Continue reading "Halloween Idea | Halloween October 31st"

Oct 09, 2016

Sisters Weekend at Boiler Bay State Wayside, Oregon USA, July 2016

For the first time ever, my only sister and I took a weekend to spend some special time together, after decades of working and raising our families. The

Continue reading "Sisters Weekend at Boiler Bay State Wayside, Oregon USA, July 2016"

Oct 08, 2016

A Pontoon Wedding

This picture shows the moment my beautiful niece's new husband first hugged my mother. The look on my mother's face is priceless! I was so touched to

Continue reading "A Pontoon Wedding"

Oct 08, 2016

Family getaway, Merimbula 2015

My 3 year old granddaughter had never seen the sea before and initially it frightened her but after a few days she couldn't wait to chase the waves and

Continue reading "Family getaway, Merimbula 2015"

Oct 07, 2016

Day Trips from Melbourne | Melbourne Australia

Ideas for amazing Day Trips from Melbourne, places to see in and around my magnificent Melbourne. Short trips full of fun, suggestions for exciting Melbourne day tours for all the family to enjoy

Continue reading "Day Trips from Melbourne | Melbourne Australia"

Oct 07, 2016

Things to Do In Melbourne | Melbourne Australia

Explore this selection for exciting Things To Do In Melbourne that will create memorable experiences for you and your entire Family.

Continue reading "Things to Do In Melbourne | Melbourne Australia"

Oct 07, 2016

Family Photo Sharing | Family Beach Photos

Family photo sharing is exciting when you enter your family beach photos into the 2016 family beach photos competition. You may be the winner

Continue reading "Family Photo Sharing | Family Beach Photos"

Oct 06, 2016

Beach Tennis Games | Port Melbourne Beach

Beach tennis games are open to the public and are played down on the foreshore at the Port Melbourne Beach Australia

Continue reading "Beach Tennis Games | Port Melbourne Beach"

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