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Frankston Beach
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Drive the beautiful coastal Beach Road south-east of Melbourne until you reach the Frankston waterfront.

The drive provides a picturesque meandering past seaside mansions, delicious seaside cafes, soft sandy beaches and tantalizing shallow inlets.

This coastal drive is thoroughly enjoyable any time of the year. The Beach Road is a winding road that hugs the natural coastline.

Frankston Foreshore - Carpark And The Mouth Of Kananook Creek

frankston beach foreshoe, carpark and Kananook Creek's mouth

The blue waters of Port Phillip bay to your right and the seaside homes to your left provide you with plenty to see and admire as you drive along the foreshore.

Crossing over the bridge at Mordialloc, the road moves inland a little separating you from the ocean scenery and taking you through the beachside suburbs of Aspendale, Edithvale, Chelsea, Carrum and Seaford until you once again hit the coastline at Frankston beach.

Side roads take you on down to safe swimming beaches where you can picnic or BBQ all year round.

If you keep on driving along the beach road you will eventually reach an awesome beach right at the beginning of the Mornington Peninsular. This beach really has everything.

Frankston Foreshore

Frankston Beach Foreshore Melbourne Australia

Where Is Frankston Beach?

Check out my Google map here. Click onto the icon and follow the prompts for directions.

If you would like to see the larger map just click the link beneath this map.

View Frankston in a larger map

The Frankston Pier

frankston Pier compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/avlxyz/6585099533/

Safe swimming shallow waters at frankston on the Morninton Peninsular

Clear Safe Swimming Waters At Frankston

This is the type of beach that you will experience all along the family friendly shoreline.

Stretches of clear, shallow water and soft sand provide a safe swimming beach for the young and old.

History Of Frankston

  • The Frankston area prior to any European discovery, was populated by the Kulin people
  • Europeans came ashore to find fresh water as early as 1803
  • And in 1846 the first land holding was established between Olivers Hill and Davey's Bay
  • The first settlement was Ballam Ballam in the locality of Karingal and the original Australian homestead named Ballum Park remains today.

The Homestead is situated next door to the fantastic adventure playground on the Frankston/Langwarren road, here you can enjoy a family BBQ or picnic as well as research some early Australian History.

  • With the arrival of the Melbourne to Frankston electric railway line in 1882, saw the beginning of the Frankston seaside resort, a place for the fairly wealthy to enjoy. Since those early days the area has become a fantastic place for all the family to enjoy.

These days the rail trip from Melbourne to the Frankston beach takes around 60 minutes, this makes the area easily accessible to people from all over Melbourne.

Check the link below for an up to date timetable.

There are buses that also link to the rail, use the site to plan your next trip, take the bikes with you and ride the boardwalk.

Plan your rail trip with Metlink - http://ptv.vic.gov.au/

Post Note - of interest

In 1959, the Hollywood Film, On the Beach, starring Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner was filmed partly in Frankston.

The Novelist, Nevil Shute actually lived in the Langwarren area southeast of Frankston.

The book, as well as the movie have proven to be classics, well worth looking into.

After the war is over, a radioactive cloud begins to sweep southwards on the winds, gradually poisoning everything in its path.

Australia is one of the last places to feel the effects...

From Nevil Shute's gripping bestseller, adapted for the screen by David Williamson and visionary director Russell Mulcahy , comes a post-apocalyptic action-packed story of survival and hope.
An action packed DVD!

The Frankston beach is patrolled on the weekend and during the busy summer months these generous and dedicated lifeguards are patrolling up and down the sandy shores.

For more details you can visit the Victorian Lifesaving website - http://www.lifesavingvictoria.com.au/www/html/7-home-page.asp

Frankston Patrolled Beach

Patrol the beach at Frankston compliments http://www.flickr.com/photos/dianatang/120268939/

The Foreshore Facilities

The native flora and sand dunes along the Frankston beach foreshore area have been protected with the building of an extensive raised timber boardwalk.

Joggers, bikers and strollers, young and old, enjoy the easy, well maintained walk.

The Beach Boardwalk At Frankston

Foreshore boardwalk at Frankston compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/jesscross/4242863799/

Taking in the scenery of the Frankston beach as you clear the head and the lungs, enjoy the boardwalk that starts at the bottom of Olivers Hill.

It winds its way along the foreshore past the Emergency Services and playground and onto the pier entrance.

Here you can stand at the top of the arched bridge and watch the fishing boats as they take off out through the mouth of Kananook Creek.

Sometimes you can even spot sea creatures as they swim underneath the bridge.

Footbridge Over Kananook Creek

Footbridge over the Kananook creek at Frankston Port Phillip bay Melbourne Australia compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/dianatang/120268941/

Continue crossing over the arched bridge and follow on through a natural tea-tree reserve.

You can continue your stroll all the way to the Seaford Life Saving Club.

Here enjoy a cool, refreshing pick me up at the award winning Cafe/Restaurant/Kiosk.

There are plenty of clean, well maintained conveniences scattered throughout the area.

Free use of the electric BBQ's is encouraged, just be mindful to remove your rubbish and leave the area clean for the next lucky family.

Bronze Sculptures On The Frankston Foreshore

Bronze sculptures on the Frankston Foreshore compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/analoguestyle/5796229354/

At the mouth of the Kananook Creek you will find a large public carpark.

Amazing and clever bronze sculptures depicting birdlife, family favorites, Aussie personalities etc are scattered around the beach carpark area.
The Artists, Anne Ross and David Murphy are indeed very clever, see how many you can find.

Tables and covered picnic areas are available with clean electric BBQ's making this area a favorite place for all the family to get together.

Consider a family reunion or perhaps a Theme Birthday Party.

You can also access the most amazing fairytale playground.

Here your children can slay dragons, rescue fair maidens and fight the enemies army.

  • Castles
  • forts
  • sea-faring adventure sandpit
  • electric BBQ's
  • swings, slides and climbing frames

A great place for the kids to let off steam, use their imagination and generally have a great time.

There is also a Liberty Swing for people in wheelchairs.

All this just a few meters from the sandy beach and cooling waters of Port Phillip Bay.

A little further along the beach is a small outcrop of rocks and at low tide you will find a rock platform offering a great opportunity to view starfish, crabs, sea anemones, fish life and plenty of sea shells.

This is a favorite place for me to collect sea glass, especially after a great storm.

I think one of the most relaxing and sometimes incredibly rewarding experiences has to be beachcombing.

Whether it is a casual stroll or a more purposeful exploration, what the beach sometimes delivers can be extremely exciting.

I started my collection of seaglass several years ago and I am so proud of some of the amazing pieces of glass that I have found.

This just might be something that would interest you or your children.

These 3 books now sit proudly beside my collection as they offer so much information on the art and use of seaglass.

The rockpool platform at the base of Olivers Hill in Frankston on Port Phillip Bay

The Rockpool Platform At The Base Of Olivers Hill

An amazing and breathtaking view from Olivers Hill taking in the huge expanse of what is Port Phillip Bay.

You can see, on a clear day, all the way to the Mount Dandenong TV Towers and across the bay to the Westgate Bridge and the City of Melbourne.

View Over Frankston From Olivers Hill

View over Port Phillip Bay from Olivers Hill Frankston in Victoria, Australia

A well stocked Visitors Information Center is situated within the carpark area.

Here you can find lots of local information, local crafts, souvenirs, slip-slop-slap essentials and all offered by friendly and well informed local staff and volunteers.

Inquire about the Route 12 Cultural Drive see some amazing art works, sculptures, gardens, rare plantings etc.

The new brochure is now available.

If you are an early riser and enjoy a friendly chat over a warm cuppa you can do so here from 9:00am onwards.

By the way some of the local artists' works are displayed on consignment. Always changing and offering a constant supply of wonderful pieces.

Log onto The Visitors Center - http://www.visitfrankston.com/  to see what is on at the moment.

Make a weekend of it and perhaps stay locally.

Ask the staff at the Visitors Center to help you find some accommodation.

phone: 1300322842

Email: tourism@frankston.vic.gov.au

My Personal Experience

Have you seen the amazing Sand Sculptures?

If not this is a must experience for all the family to enjoy.

They are created by very clever artist sculptors who, seasonally build amazing sand pictures.

These are always based around a specific theme.

The sculptures I observed in 2013/2014 where the Sandevents' team of talented International and Australian sculptors brought to ‘life’ in meticulous detail “Story Land”, were truly amazing.

Reality and fantasy combined as they brought to life popular Penguin book titles including

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • The Mr. Men and Little Miss Books
  • Angry Birds
  • Postman Pat
  • Angelina Ballerina
  • Flower Fairies and so many more!

For information on when the sand sculptures will be open this year telephone (03) 5986 6684  or contact admin@sandstormevents.com.au

Frankston Foreshore Sand Sculptures 2008

Sand sculptures on the Frankston foreshore compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/reuvenim/2351334367/in/photostream/

You can purchase your tickets at the Visitors Information Center.

This is always well worth the investment.

2011 Sand Sculptures At Frankston

2011 sand sculpture of Roach Motel on the Frankston foreshore compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/analoguestyle/5795688945/

Where To Eat Downtown Frankston

There are electric BBQ's for a great family picnic scattered throughout the Frankston beach foreshore area, the playground and the main carpark area near the pier.

There are also several award winning restaurants that offer a delicious array of fine foods to eat in or to take away.

Near the pier entrance you will find 'Sofias' restaurant.

Enjoy sitting outside in the fresh air or inside taking in the beautiful scenery that Frankston beach is famous for.

At the northern end of the Frankston Beach waterfront you come to the award winning 'Waves on the Beach' restaurant.

There is also the Waves on the Beach Cafe/kiosk right at the sand for that quick pick-me-up or cool-me-down. A great little place to just sit and watch as the kids frolic in the sea or build sand castles, simple pleasures and at a very little cost.

For general picnic supplies or fresh fish and chips, why not visit the Frankston Shopping Center - plenty of delicious deli delights, fresh fruits, freshly baked breads and sumptuous cakes.

Want a delicious counter meal?

Then try the many pubs scattered throughout the Frankston Beach road area.

Great food and let someone else clean up the mess.

There is so much to see and do all year round at the Frankston beach.

Wow, a fantastic place to visit not just once but over and over and over again.

Frankston beach has to be one of Melbourne's top beaches providing a safe, friendly and all season experience for every member of the family to enjoy.

I put it up there as the number 1 of the 10 Best Beaches of Port Phillip Bay.

I Love Frankston Beach!

An Over Zealous Seagull On The Foreshore At Frankston

Seagull on Frankston Beach compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/darrenkrause/2914802070/

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