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The Little Tackerz (that's with a Z not with an S) Market held at the South Melbourne Community Centre is the brainchild of 2 very industrious young mothers.

The founders, Shelly and Susan, both have young children and live in the local Port Phillip community.

These young ladies started this market after discovering that there was very little in the way of pre-loved and second hand items in the area for children from the ages of 0 to 6 years of age.

They are involved with community groups as well as local op shops (thrift shops) who take donations from stall holders of any items they do not sell and wish to give to a good home.

With the cost of living constantly on the rise what a wonderful way to recycle a much needed resource back into the community.

The Little Tackerz Kids Market Founders - Shelly and Susan

Port Melbourne Little Tackers Market founders

Both Mums and Dads are invited to book a stall and recycle some of their childrens’ items.

These goods can range from children's quality second hand and preloved clothing, shoes, books, games, nursery furniture - as well as new items such as hair clips, art work, baby skin products.

A Selection Of The Port Melbourne Little Tackerz Market Stalls

Port Melbourne Little Tackers Market stall holders

The Little Tackerz Kid's Market also offers the local community a place to pick up some excellent quality - stress this point as this is NOT a Trash and Treasure Market - pre-loved bargains.

Some of these bargains may include top designer labels.

The fun is to find those hidden gems.

Do your children collect a special toy series? Do they collect Lego for instance or perhaps Beany Kids? These are great to collect as there are so many different ones to add.

Collectable Beany Kids

The pre-loved goods children's market is a great way to stock up on clothes and shoes perhaps for the coming season. Children have a habit of outgrowing their clothes before the clothes are worn out.

Little Tackerz Market Pre-loved Goods For Sale

Where Is This Pre-Loved Goods Kids Market?

The Little Tackers Market is held in the South Melbourne Community Centre which is situated on the corner of Park and Ferrars Place, South Melbourne.

Melways reference is 57 F2/BK F4

Open between 10:00am and 1:00pm

There is a small $3:00 entry fee and there are refreshments for sale as well.

Follow the Google maps link for directions on how to get to this second hand kids market.

Free on-street parking is available in Ferrars Place. The Centre is accessible with disabled parking out front of Ferrars Place entrance.

The kids market is very close to the South Melbourne Market and for your convenience there is public transport outside the venue.

  • South Melbourne Beach tram no. 1  Park Street stop  (25 metres)
  • St Kilda light rail no. 96. Albert Park or South Melbourne stop (200 metres)
  • St Kilda / South Melbourne Beach tram no. 12. Stops 131, 132 on Albert Road (200 metres)

This market is not a regular market at this stage so for more information on this kids market and when it is on you can follow it here on Facebook. Say hello to the girls and tell them Family Getaways Melbourne sent you.

For a stallholder information, or any other questions about the day you can email the ladies directly at ...
Instagram: @littletackerzmarkets

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