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Australian folklore stories have been handed down through the telling of stories by Aboriginal Elders and Australian legends have been created by persons, places and events unique to this country.

Unique stories that are sometimes witty and sometimes downright terrifying.

Whatever the Australian myth and legend story, you are always left asking do I believe it or not?

I have selected a few Australian legends and myths that have been around for quite some time and still to this day fascinate, puzzle and confuse the Australian locals and tourist alike.

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What Are Myths and Legends?

A Legend can be an unverified story handed down from earlier times. Most times these are associated with historical persons, places, things or events. They can also be an actual person who inspires and achieves legendary fame. The person can come from past history or modern times.

A Myth is traditionally an ancient story dealing with supernatural beings, unique ancestors or heroes of the past. They can also deal with specific ancient past events. All are either fiction or half-truth.

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A Selection of Books on Australian Legends and Myths

Koala compliments of's most dangerous marsupial. The Drop Bear. Fact or Fiction?

The Indigenous Australians' knowledge base dates back tens of thousands of years.

Their knowledge, law, and religion, which provide the basis of their folklore, are rich in stories of the land and its animals and plants.

For example some Indigenous stories, like the bunyip - man-eating animals that live in water-holes, swamps and creeks - have been absorbed into wider Australian folklore and identity.

The Australian Bunyip - Is It For Real?

Bunyip, mythical Australian swamp creature

What about those mysterious lights that you might encounter in the outback along the Birdsville Track!

Min Min Light is the name given to an unusual light formation that has been reported numerous times in eastern Australia

According to folklore, the lights sometimes follow or approached people and have disappeared when fired upon, only to reappear later on...(Source:

The Min Min Lights -Are They Real?

Min Min Light sign out on the Birdsville track

Then there is the legend of the Rainbow Serpent.

The Rainbow Serpent is a common motif in the art and mythology of Aboriginal Australia.

It is named for the snake-like meandering of water across a landscape and the color spectrum caused when sunlight strikes water at an appropriate angle relative to the observer. (Source:

The Rainbow Serpent - Aboriginal Myth

Australian Aboriginal rock painting of

The Indigenous community have a special relationship with the land and the stories of the creation of this vast country and the world in general are full of folklore tales and extraordinary myths.

Enjoy the Legend of the Wandjina, the Aboriginal Australian Sky Gods.

It is taught that these Gods traveled down the Milky Way to help teach mankind.

Learn About the Legend Of The Waltzing Matilda

Hear the legendary vocal Australian Lyrebird...amazing!

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