Marc at the Beach

by Marc
(Simi Valley, CA)

At Old Orchard Beach, Maine in 1959

At Old Orchard Beach, Maine in 1959


Here is my contribution to the contest...This is me at the beach 50 years ago in 1959.

I don't have any memory of this time or place but this past summer I had the opportunity to return there for the first time since then.

The beach is Old Orchard Beach, Maine which is on the southern coast of Maine near Portland.

I wish I had never left Maine as it is such a beautiful place. I will be returning every year from now on as long as I am able!

Marc - Simi Valley, CA


Yes Marc!

Just what I have been waiting for! Just think, if you hadn't been there then what you now know and enjoy about the place you may never have experienced.

I've got snap shots like that and even older.

Do you think it was taken with an old Box Brownie?

Thank you for entry, loved it!


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Nov 22, 2009
A Day at the Beach
by: Anonymous

Hi Marylyn,

I will have to ask my parents to see if they remember what type of camera was used for this picture. I don't think there were a whole lot of choices back then. Judging by the square shape of the original, it could be a Brownie.



Nov 22, 2009
Bathing Beauty
by: Amelia

A Kid, a bucket, a spade, the water and a stretch of sand!
Makes for one great day at the beach and great memories.
I enjoyed the snap shot.
Must go have a look in the old shoebox. See if I have some.

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