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You are up in the air and about to arrive in Melbourne, Australia.

It's been a long flight and all you want to do is collect your luggage, pick up your car and settle in or perhaps ...

You have to pick up a family member or friend and need to know what time they will arrive, is the flight delayed, where to collect them or where to park your car.

Hopefully this page will be able to help you somewhat with answers to those questions or at least links on how to find those answers.

Some Melbourne airport arrivals questions you may need to answer. Check these out below.

Click onto the link and you will be directed to that section.

One Of Melbourne Airport Arrivals

arriving at the melbourne Airport compliments of

What Time Is The Melbourne Airport Arrivals Flight Getting In?

Flight information for domestic and international departures and Melbourne airport arrivals can be found here at Melbourne Airport Flight Details

This makes it easy to check to see if the flight is on time or has been delayed and you can adjust your arrangement accordingly.

Just add the details of the flight into the appropriate search boxes and click for details. The flight information is updated every 5 minutes.

Where Is The Luggage Collected?

For International passengers, the Melbourne airport arrivals luggage is collected at the T2 arrivals terminal. Just follow the signs to the entry control point and make sure to fill in the appropriate paperwork and declare any necessary goods.

This is a map of the area ... T2 International Arrivals collection point

Make sure that you have the following documents ready for the entry control point:

  1. Passport
  2. Completed incoming passenger card

Anything to declare?

After collecting your baggage, proceed to the exiting point where your incoming passenger card will be checked by an officer prior to passing through Customs and Border Protection and the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service.

Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS)

It is important to remember that if you have any animal or plant item with you, or packed in your luggage, you must declare it on your incoming passenger card.

For Domestic passengers, the Melbourne airport arrivals luggage can be collected downstairs on the ground floor level. Just follow the signs to the turnstiles and look out for your matching flight number.

For a small fee you can hire a luggage trolly, the stands can be found throughout the airport.

Luggage Trolly Hire At Melbourne Airport

Hire luggage trolly at airport compliments of

Where To Meet The Arrivals?

International Melbourne Airport arrivals can be met in the clearly marked area to meet and greet passengers upon arrival.

It is located next to the Groups and Tours desk at the southern end of Terminal 2 (T2) Arrivals. A large red sign clearly destinguishes the area.

Domestic Melbourne Airport arrivals can be met downstairs at the baggage turnstiles. Either that or at your pre-arranged destination inside or outside the terminals.

Please note post it note

The Tiger Airways terminal is seperate to the rest of the airport terminals. Check the map here for the Tiger Airways Terminal T4 - (copy and paste the link address into your search engine tab)

If you wish to meet your arrival, may I suggest that you park in the Short Term carpark over opposite the main terminals and walk across to T4, just follow the signage.

Either that or arrange to collect your arrival in the 1 minute pick up/drop off point just ouside the T4 terminal. At the time of writing this the area was under considerable construction.

Can I Pick Up My Arrival Without Having To Park The Car?

Pick-up can be done by following the overhead signs at Arrivals Drive. At Terminal parking is ideal for picking up Melbourne Airport arrivals passengers.

Vehicles collecting passengers at the front of the terminals must be attended at all times. Any vehicle left unattended will be subject to an immediate fine and may be towed.

Attended vehicles can only remain in the pick-up/drop-off area for a maximum of one minute.

Melbourne Airport has today opened 26 additional 1-minute pick-up bays in the forecourt area for general public, which aims to further reduce congestion in and around the airport precinct.

Capacity for private vehicles to pick-up passengers has increased via a fourth lane built as part of the Forecourt Redevelopment Stage 2 project.

Picking-up family and friends who are waiting for a ride in the forecourt can be done by following the overhead signs at Arrivals Drive that direct cars to the 1-minute pick-up lane 1 or lane 2.

This link provides detailed maps of this area -

Where To Park The Car At The Melbourne Airport

Ring & Ride

A convenient  location to wait for your arrival. The first 40 minutes parking at Ring & Ride is free, 60 minutes will cost you $4:00. After an hour, short term car park rates apply. An automatic pay station is available on site.

I personally found this to be quite an easy process. Once the plane had arrived, I just made contact and arranged to collect the passenger at the Pick up point outside the terminal.

See map link here for more information.

Short Term Carpark

Undercover short term car parking is available opposite the main terminals at the airport. Choose from the ground floor or park on any of the multi levels. Coming in from the Tullamarine Freeway, follow the overhead signs to the Short Term carpark.

There are boom gate ticketed entries to all levels, make sure that you retain the ticket and pay the ticket machine before leaving. All terminals can be accessed from this carpark.

Check the map link here for more information.

Long Term Carpark

I have personally used this carpark and found it to be quite convenient and reasonably cost effective.

There is a free courtesy bus to and from the terminals to the carpark areas. The area is monitored using CCTV cameras.

Long Term Car Parking Courtesy Bus Waiting Area

Long Term Car Parking Waiting Area Melbourne airport

Once you park your car, collect your ticket and retain it making sure that you pay for your parking once you arrive back at the airport. You can do this at the convenient Long Term parking booths outside the terminals or at the parking bay stations.

Take note of where you have parked your car as the carpark is substantially large!

Long Term Carpark Collection Point At The Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport Long term Car Park compliments of

What Transport Is Available From The Airport?

Public Transport is available at the airport. There are several bus routes that will take you to certain suburban areas of Melbourne. Check which buses stop at Melbourne Airport here -

The public bus stop at Melbourne Airport is located at Terminal 1

Note that the Myki Card is essential to purchase if riding on public transport. If using the Myki for the first time you can purchase a Myki Visitor Pack from the SkyBus counter outside terminals 1 or 3. Topping up your Myki can be done on board the bus.

The Skybus offers an express bus service from the airport to the city centre. The Skybus is a  reliable, low-cost airport bus that runs express between Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) and Southern Cross Station in Melbourne’s city centre.

This service operates 24/7, including all public holidays. Buses run from every 10 minutes throughout the day.

For no extra charge, SkyBus can deliver you safe and sound to select Melbourne hotels with their hotel transfer service.

For more details and information on fares check this link -

The Melbourne Airport Skybus

Skybus at Melbourne Airport compliments of

Melbourne Taxis are a convenient means of transport to and from the airport. Depending on your destination you may be able to combine a taxi with some form of public transport to get you to your destination.

A taxi can be easily found outside the airport terminals, just look for the bright yellow sedan - there are hundreds of them eager for your business.

Melbourne Airport Taxi Rank

Melbourne Airport Taxi Rank compliments of

Private Arrival Transfers can be arranged through my affiliate travel partner, Viator.

Just Click The Image Below For More Information

Links to private airport transfers arranged through Viator

Melbourne Airport Arrivals Car Rentals

Melbourne Airport has six car rental companies located on site. All have offices on the ground floor of the Short Term car park, and information desks in the Melbourne Airport domestic terminals.

Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Thrifty and Redspot all offer safe and reliable cars and excellent service.

Melbourne Airport Information Desk

Melbourne-airport-Information-desk compliments of

Where Can I Stay At The Airport?

It may be necessary upon your Melbourne Airport arrivals, for you to stay close to the airport for one reason or another and there are some excellent accommodation choices either at the airport or close by. I have listed several of these Airport Hotels that are within 5 kilometers of the Melbourne Airport.

For more details on what each of these hotels or motels has to offer check out this page I have put together for you ... Handy Airport Accommodation

If you require accommodation elsewhere then use the Search Box below. Just fill in your preferred destination, the dates for your stay and you will be directed to my affiliate travel partner,, results page.

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Please note that some links on this page are to companies that I have an affiliation with. By that I mean that if you purchase a product through them I receive a very small commission. This way of earning income is termed Monetization and it is a way for me to keep my site out here for you to enjoy. I will only affiliate with companies that I feel offer value for money and excellent back up service. These are Companies that I personally have used to purchase products for myself, my family and my friends. To learn more please refer to my Disclaimer page

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