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The Parklands in and around Melbourne are great places for rest, relaxation and recuperation.

Some are formal well laid out grounds with perfectly manicured gardens and others are wild and exciting places to explore filled with amazing and diverse flora.

Filled with sometimes the most exotic plants from around the world, Melbourne's parks can be an excellent place to educate yourself and up and coming generations of plant lovers.

An excellent place to spend your hours admiring nature at its best, not to mention finding plenty of unique Australian bird and wildlife.

The gardens and parklands are well maintained these days with local councils priding themselves on their displays and presentations.

Explore Melbourne's Parks And Gardens

This section of the website has been divided up into specific parks in and arounf Melbourne.

Click Onto One That You Like For More Information

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Whatever your selection of parks is, Melbourne City and the surrounding suburbs of Parks and Gardens offer you and your family an opportunity to celebrate nature at its best.

Melbourne Docklands Park

Docklands Park in Melbourne-Australia compliments of

If you have a dog and would like to enjoy walking it in some of Victoria's parks please visit this Dog Walking Parks Victoria site.

Bell Minor Bird

Bell Mimer brd sperched in an Australian Eucalypt tree compliments of

I love to celebrate Melbourne, my hometown and what better way to do so than to have a few coffee table books lying around to share this amazing and everchanging city.

For more details on this beautiful book on Melbourne's parks and gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne: A Life and Times

Throughout Australia's garden city, Melbourne, you will find some of the world's best parks and gardens.

This magnificent 300 plus page coffee table book is crammed full of 1500 stunning photos and forms part of the Portraits of Victoria series. 

The others that form the rest of the series are the bestselling Dandenong Ranges, Yarrra Valley, Morningtomn Peninsular and Laneways of Melbourne.

View This Selection of The City's Most Beautiful Parklands

Melbourne, Australia has an amazing array of parks and gardens of any city in the world and they are all within easy walking distance of the city.

The Queen Victoria Gardens

Queen Victoria Park in Melbourne-Australia compliments of

The Royal Botanic Gardens are regarded as among the world's finest botanic gardens, situated within a few hundred metres of Flinders Street Station.

Kings Domain and Alexandra Park are planted with mature trees sitting in vast manicured lawns, a fern gully and flower borders along the Government House boundary.

The fern gully planted in the 1930's is nearly hidden from view. The spot was originally an old quarry and is now a steeply sloping, landscaped rockery with a waterfall and a winding crazy paved path around a delightfully playful pond.

The parks and gardens in and around this area feature...

  • Sidney Myer Music Bowl;
  • Governor La Trobe's Cottage;
  • King George V statue; Weary Dunlop memorial;
  • Grotto (fern gully);
  • Stapley Pavilion;
  • Tilly Aston bell;
  • Pioneer Women's garden;
  • Memorials and commemorative statutory,
  • Walker fountain, and
  • Painted poles and re-burial stone, marking the site of Aboriginal remains.

The Fitzroy Gardens with the most amazing Historic Cooks Cottage.

Take the Children on a trip back in time to 18th Century England...make sure that you check out the "Ivy" growing over the Building, it is the original shipped here from Yorkshire with the cottage in 1933.

Captain Cooks Cottage

Captain Cooks Cottage in Melbourne's Fitzroy Gardens compliments of

Very affordable family fun.

Stroll along the Yarra River and enjoy the sights and sounds of the City.

Here you can take in the Melbourne skyline, watch the row boats or even hire a cycle and ride the easy pathways.

Parks and Gardens Along The Yarra River

Parklands along the Yarra River in Melbourne Australia compliments of

Enjoy a Picnic in the beautiful parkland in the Fitzroy Gardens and while you are there don't forget to visit the Conservatory.

The Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory

The Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory in Melbourne, Australia compliments of
The Fairy Tree in the Fitzroy gardens Melbourne Australia compliments of

Discover the Fairy Tree and pick out all those fairytale characters that you read about when you were a child.

Discover the quaint little miniature Tudor Village right in the heart of the city and I wonder if you can you find the Dolphin Fountain set somewhere within these gardens?

The gardens are fantastic for the children allowing them to discover "secret" things no other garden in Melbourne contains.

The season of Autumn is especially delightful as you can let the kids run through the thousands of fallen autumn leaves. This used to be a favourite pastime whenever I took my children to the city.

There are glorious parks and gardens throughout the City of Melbourne and I would love to share some more of these with you.

Take my hand and come walk with me into a soul inspiring wonderland.

Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne

One of the Royal Botanic Garden's pathways in Melbourne Australia looking through to the Melbourne city skyline

What an incredibly beautiful place the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, Australia are.

  For more information on this well thought out and researched book 

Book on the Royal Botanic gardens in Melbourne Australia
The Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne: A Life and Times

The Royal Botanic Gardens holds a special place in the life of Melbourne - and has done since it became one of the first public gardens established in Australia, in 1846.

This illustrated life and times of the Gardens paints a picture of the land before white settlement, then tells the stories of its plants, its buildings and the characters throughout its history.

Deborah Morris's story focuses on the people - the gardeners, the Directors, the people who have lived in the Gardens, and the scientists engaged in a range of fascinating tasks, from propagating endangered species to identifying rare plants.

Take advantage of Melbourne's Public Transport system, for example there is the free City Circle Tram that will take you within close walking distance to your favorite recreation area.

Click onto the link below to view the route that it takes.

You will note that there are some great drop off points throughout it's journey.

You can also link to it with the Metlink Train system as well.

For Details of City Circle Tram route and Other Public Transport

The parklands in and around this magnificent City of Melbourne will provide you and your family with experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

I invite you to discover for yourself just how easy it is to get in touch with nature, visit some Australian History and enjoy a very affordable family getaway.

Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden

Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden in the Botanic Gardens Melbourne compliments of

3 Visitors Top Choices To Try Out First

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