Perfect Place, Perfect Weather, Perfect Day!

by Chris

The Frankston Strollers

The Frankston Strollers

Here's my entry...Hope you like it!

Just one of many days spent strolling the foreshore at, Yes SuperNan, one of your favourite beaches!


We have a small mother's group and meet once a week. Most times we hit the local park with the climbing frames and sand pit but as the weather is warming up our focus has moved to the beach.
Kids and beaches seem to go hand in hand and this year we have had so many great times down here.

Lots of easy boardwalks so that we can push those strollers around...impossible to do in soft sand! But we try...

It's great that the pier has been renovated this year, gives us more opportunity to do more strolling.

*The day this was taken it was a crystal clear.
*The water was the most beautiful shade of blue.
*The yachts were out sailing on the water.
*There was a gentle breeze blowing.
*The kids were happy and laughing
*I was in the company of great friends...Heavenly

You have to love Frankston Foreshore

See you down there,

By: SuperNan

Wow Chris,
That is a great snap shot! Thank you and yes, Frankston is a beautiful place. When I was living down there I got to stroll the foreshore every day..really miss it. Good luck with your entry, perhaps the early bird may catch the worm!

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Nov 13, 2009
Perfect Snap Shot
by: Anonymous

Hey Chris,
That is a great one!
Been there often with the kids, probably saw you there...funny!

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