Pygmy hippopotamus

by Chris(using my mom'scomputer)

Endangered Pygmy Hippopotamus

Endangered Pygmy Hippopotamus


Not about Australia, but, if I may, do you have any idea what would happen if the pygmy hippo became extinct?:

(I don't know):


Hi Chris,

Thanks for that great question!

The pygmy hippo holds huge significance from a conservation standpoint as the extinction of the pygmy hippo would allow the long evolutionary history, 100 million years of it mind you, to be lost forever.

Large mammals are indicators of the biodiversity (distinction) and state of a site and represent an important part of tropical ecosystems (environment).

The local extinction or population reduction of this species can trigger a series of adverse effects in the ecosystem.

This would cause a breakdown of some key ecological processes...

Changes such as seed dispersal, changes in the natural hunting habits of other animals and nutrient recycling etc.

This will eventually jeopardize (endanger) the ecosystem biodiversity and integrity (perfection, stability) in the long term...

The pygmy hippo is a symbol of the forests of West Africa – the hippos’ fate is essentially linked to that of the forest.

The future of many other species would be threatened with extinction including; the forest elephant, western chimpanzee, Liberian mongoose and Jentink’s duiker.

Looking out for the safety of the pygmy hippo can secure the safety of these other and many more species for future generations.

This is a region is also rich in plants and wildlife that are found nowhere else and as such is a global conservation priority.

Most plants are propagated by their seeds being carried on the bodies/feet of animals and in their natural droppings. Remove the animals and the plant species will also be removed.

The major threats to this species are deforestation and hunting.

So basically...

Remove the pygmy hippopotamus and there is a domino effect that happens. More animal and plant species become endangered.

Here are some links for you to take a look at, with some great information that may interest you.

Show them to your Mom before you search as I am sure she will be very interested also.

And I hope that you have visited my Melbourne Zoo page, lots of Pygmy Hippo' information there for you as well.

I hope that all this information is a help to you and I thank you for your interest in this very serious problem that effects all of us in one way or another.

Cheers from,

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