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Interactive Education For The Whole Family

A Visit to this science museum at Spotswood in West Melbourne is an excellent chance to enjoy an interactive educational and fun time with all members of the family.

This is one of Melbourne's great attractions and top cheap weekend getaways, a perfect day trip and wonderful way to educate while entertaining the kids.

The Scienceworks Museum Entrance

Scienceworks entrance Melbourne Australia compliments of

Where Is The Science Museum?

2 Booker Street

Spotswood VIC 3015

(03) 9392 4800

Open daily 10am – 4:30pm

Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day.

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Getting To The Scienceworks Museum

By Road Scienceworks is 5 Kilometres from Melbourne Central (Melways directory reference 56, B1)

Go to the map above, click on the blue icon and follow directions.

You can come to Scienceworks by ferry, running between Southgate, Crown Casino, Polly Woodside, Scienceworks and Williamstown.

Williamstown Ferries

City River Cruises

Ferry Shuttle from Melbourne City

Ferry Shuttle Melbourne Australia compliments of

Train (Werribee and Williamstown lines) to Spotswood and then about a 10 minute walk.

For an updated timetable go to Metlink.

Science and Technology take on a new meaning....push this, poke that, pull it, blow it and so on, hands-on interactive science exhibits make learning a truly fun experience not just for the kids but for you as well.

The Scienceworks Museum is divided into different sections.

  Sports Works  

Test your speed against Cathy Freeman at Melbourne's Scienceworks

Test your fitness levels, learn how your body works.

How about a race against one of Australia's fastest women sprinters, Cathy Freeman?

Test Your Speed Against Cathy Freeman

Test your running speed Melbourne Scienceworks compliments of

This Section has great exhibitions, over 20 hands-on and interactive experiences to take part in.

Try your hand at being the world's greatest extreme snowboarder.

Or test your fear of heights and scale the climbing wall.

Rock Climbing At Melbourne Scienceworks

Rock Climbing At Melbourne Scienceworks

  Nitty Gritty Super City  

Designed for kids aged 3 to 8 years

  • Let them loose in their own kid-sized house
  • Explore a mini Melbourne made from Lego
  • Control that mini-excavator
  • Build a wall

Mini Melbourne At Scienceworks

Mini Melbourne at the Scienceworks museum in Melbourne Australia compliments of

  House Secrets  

What are you sleeping on or with?

What happens when you put an egg and other things into a microwave and press the button?

How does a mouse view its surrounds?

OH, Watch out! Don't get sucked into that gigantic vacuum cleaner!

So much more Fun.

  High Voltage Theater  

This is really an electrifying experience 30 minutes of extreme sound and sight.

  • Have you ever seen a 2 Million Volt Lightening Demonstration?
  • What happens when lightening strikes a plane in flight, someone standing under a tree or hits a building?

These and so many more questions are answered by the stimulating demonstrator.

Lightening Show At Melbourne Scienceworks

Lightening show at Melbourne Scienceworks compliments of

  Melbourne Planetarium  

Sit back in your comfortable recliner and let your senses take in this awesome Virtual Museum.

Stunning images and incredible special effects take you to the outer reaches of the universe.

Wow, there is so much out there and more to explore!

The huge modern dome fills with the most amazing images of stars, planets and those amazing black holes.

The Audio is clear, non distorted and thrilling to hear.

What an great experience.

Melbourne Planetarium Scienceworks

Melbourne Planetarium Scienceworks

  Spotswood Pumping Station  

Why was Melbourne once nicknamed Smellybourne?

Your guide will answer this and many other questions as you wander through some of Melbourne's very interesting past.

These engines are enormous.

Pumping Station At Scienceworks

Pumping station at Scienceworks Melbourne Australia compliments of

  The Muck Bunker Storm Water Exhibition  

What is storm water pollution all about?

Cigarette butts, dog droppings, grass clippings, paint, in fact all kinds of rubbish can end up polluting our oceans after being washed away into the storm water drains.

So what really is all the fuss about?

You can purchase Food/Drinks at the well stocked Museum Cafe - their Coffee is beautiful!

you can also bring your own picnic and enjoy the undercover free BBQ's.

There are several playgrounds for the children to climb over, under and through.

Check out the:

  • Steam Engine Display
  • The Flinders Street Clock
  • The Huge Sundial

The Sundial At Scienceworks Museum

Sundial at Scienceworks Museum Melbourne Australia compliments of

The Science Museum is continuously displaying different exhibitions.

There are fantastic special shows arranged for the kids during their School Holidays.

For more exact information on....

  • Holiday Programs
  • Tour Times
  • Prices
  • Guided Tours
  • Traveling Exhibits

Educational Demonstrations - Scienceworks

Educational demonstrations at Scienceworks Melbourne Australia compliments of

Kids love to explore and Science is such an amazing place to do just that. Fishpond has an excellent collection of books that just fit this subject matter.

Here is a selection from their library.
Just Click on the books title for more information

One Family's Day Out At The Melbourne Scienceworks Museum.

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