Surprise Baby Shower With Sailing Trip

by Martina Jackson
(Tortola, British Virgin Islands)

My son checking out the yacht

My son checking out the yacht

My son checking out the yacht
Approaching private island Sandy Spit
Monet relax on the net of the yacht
Sunset after a beautiful day

In June of this year - 2012, my son and I had a surprise baby shower for my daughter-in-law.

The event was an evening sailing trip off Tortola British Virgin Islands.

It was a beautiful evening both with weather and for me to meet my new extended family.

My son is a boat captain and he sailed the boat single handedly.

We sailed to a small island called Sandy Spit which is located just off Jos Van Dyke (one of the islands that make up the British Virgin Islands).

Sandy Spit is uninhabited, so we it was like we had our own private island for a few hours.

But we just swam (the water was absolutely divine) for a bit without going on the island.

The area that we swam in was about 7 feet deep, however, I was a bit scared so I used a noodle to swim around with the rest of the group. Some people followed my idea as well.

On the trip back, we had a few snacks while enjoying the breathtaking sunset.

Description of Photos:

Photo 1: My son taking a swim while checking out the mechanism at the bottom of the yacht.

Photo 2: Approaching private island - Sandy Spit

Photo 3: My daughter-in-law relaxing on the yacht's net.

Photo 4: Sunset at Jos Van Dyke

To see more of my photos, visit my photo gallery by clicking HERE.


Hi Martina,
What a lucky Daughter Inlaw and a great way to get to know her family as well.
Loved reading about your happy memories and how about keeping all of us informed about the impending event.
The best of luck in the Contest and I wish your beautiful daughter inlaw and son of yours all the best with the coming birth.
Thank you so much for sharing.

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Oct 14, 2012
Boy or Girl?
by: SuperNan

Don't forget to let us know about the birth of your new grandchild!

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