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One Of The Tallest Skyscrapers
Melbourne's Rialto Towers

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At the top of one of Melbourne's Tallest Skyscrapers, there used to be a treat for the whole family if you dared. A very exciting family getaway idea to see who would brave the dizzy heights.

Hop off the City Circle Tram at Kings Street and walk towards the Rialto Towers.

These are some of Melbourne's Tallest Buildings so you can't miss them.

For an update on the Rialto Melbourne's Observation Deck please click here

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The Rialto Towers Melbourne Australia

The Rialto Towers Melbourne Australia compliments of

Up o the Observation Deck, way up on the 55th Floor of the Rialto Towers, one of Melbourne's Tallest Skyscrapers, you can see 360 degree views of Melbourne and it's surrounds.

253 Metres ( 823ft ) High

Rialto Tower from the base looking up

The Rialto Towers are a member of the World Federation of Great Towers, Tallest Skyscrapers being a category.

There are actually 67 floors, including the basement and mechanical floors.

The first 5 floors are used for parking. The next 3 floors are used for the Lobby and a Cafe.

The ongoing 54 floors are used for Offices.

The observation platforms used to be found on the 55 Floor.

The huge glass facade can be seen from miles around.

It's blue night lights way up there look like something out of Star Wars.

This changes color during the day, the colors range from the well recognized dark blue to a brilliant gold during sunset.

There are two towers, the north and the south tower.

The south tower used to house the Observation Deck and viewing platforms. This is now a Restaurant.

The two Rialto Towers in Melbourne Australia

There are 1254 steps to the top of the building and these were used for an annual charity race held within this building.

The "Run Up" became a favorite with local and overseas athletes.

The inspiration came from the popular Empire State Building Run-Up.

A stair race up the 242 metre - 1222/1254 step race tо the 53rd floor оf the Rialto building, wаs fіrst run іn the late 1980s аnd became аnd annual event wіth both mens аnd women's divisions known аs the Rialto Run-up.

The winner wаs awarded wіth а trip tо New York tо compete іn the Empire State Building race.

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Where Are The Rialto Towers -
2 Of Melbourne's Tallest Skyscrapers?

View The Rialto Towers in a larger map

How To get There

These tallest skyscrapers are located at the corner of Collins and Kings Streets in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, access can be by way of public transport on the Collins Street tram line, or a short walk from Flinders or Southern Cross Railway Stations.

You may also ride the free City Circle Tram and hop off at Kings Street, take a short stroll towards the Towers and ride the express lift to the top.

The timetable of trains, trams and buses go to Metlink Melbourne ( )

Have some fun now trying to pin point some of Melbourne's Famous Landmarks.

Can you see:

  • Flinders Street Station down there on the left
  • A fantastic view of The Yarra River
  • The Princess Bridge
  • The Arts Center to the right of the Bridge
  • The Tennis Center
  • Rod LaverArena
  • The MCG Cricket Ground

Looking East From On Top Of The Rialto Tower

Looking East From On Top Of The Rialto Tower

  • Flinders Street Station
  • Flinders Street Clock Tower
  • The Yarra River
  • Princess Bridge
  • Cruise Ferries
  • Federation Square
  • Acmi
  • Birrarung Marr

Overlooking The Crown Casino from The Rialto Towers

Overlooking The Crown Casino from The Rialto Towers

The Eureka Tower actually is much higher than The Rialto Towers.

You can see the little cruise ferries on the Yarra river down there. Look how small those cars are.

Looking Towards The Eureka Skydeck From The Rialto

The Eureka Tower is another of our Tallest Skyscrapers. This is open to the public to view the Melbourne City and surrounding countryside.

You can also see the Royal Botanical Gardens in the right background behind the tower.

Looking Across To Port Phillip Bay From The Rialto

Looking Across To Port Phillip Bay From The Rialto
  • The Melbourne Aquarium in the right foreground, you can just make out the Fish Logo Sign.
  • Kings Way and Bridge.
  • Albert Park in the background.
  • Port Phillip Bay and
  • the beautiful eastcoast beaches of St Kilda, Brighton etc.

View To The Mouth Of The Yarra River From The Rialto

  • The Southern Cross Station, notice right side wave roof-top at the bottom right.
  • The Snaking Yarra River
  • Commercial Docklands
  • Mouth of the Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay

Overlooking The Docklands Area From The Rialto

Overlooking The Docklands Area From The Rialto
  • Southern Cross Station
  • The Telstra Dome
  • Bolte Bridge
  • Victoria Harbour
  • The amazing, vibrant and exciting Docklands

Thanks For The Memory
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