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Melbourne City comes ALIVE (well sort of) with the annual and traditional Zombie Shuffle.

The annual Zombie Shuffle is fast becoming quite the tourist attraction for locals and visitors to downtown Melbourne, Australia.

The Zombie invasion begins usually in the Carlton Garden at the top eastern section of the Melbourne central business district.

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2015
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The public dress in their very best or worst zombie costumes and proceed to stagger, shuffle and drag themselves through the city streets scaring as many people as they can.

The Zombie Shuffle is open to all ages and sizes, alive or dead.

Zombie Face-Off - Melbourne 2011

Zombie Shuffle Melbourne, Australia compliments of

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2011

Well Done Zombie Kid You Look Fantastic!

Zombie kid in costume for the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle, Melbourne Australia, compliments of

The walk usually last around 2 hours and finishes at the Riverside Skate Rank in the Alexendra Gardens, close to Federation Square.

Spectators are encouraged to join in the fun and photos are always welcome.

Zombie Blood Relatives

Zombie Blood Relatives -Melbourne Zombie Shuffle-2011 compliments of

Accompanied by grunts, groans, howling and an occasional blood curdling scream, the zombies shuffle along the streets and laneways searching for that allusive brain food.

Becoming quite an annnual tourist attraction the procession provides excellent subject matter for the budding photographer to try their skills at capturing the atmosphere.

Not only is this special day becoming a tourist attraction but for some families it is fast becomming a tradition that will no doubt be handed down through the generations.

Never know, in years to come some of the processions may be accommpanied with real Zombie family members wandering beside their own families!

You never know ... might even be happening this very day and age!

View this gruesome procession, captured here on film during the Zombie Shuffle in 2011.

Details on the latest Melbourne Zombie Shuffle can be found here on the official Zombie Shuffle Facebook Page.

Zombie Walk Images 2013 Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

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