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What to do in and around Melbourne this November - So much fun!
October 31, 2019

What's on This Month?

There's PLENTY to do in and around Melbourne!

November Newsletter Edition 2019

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Hmm, what's been going on this past month?

Wow! What a month October turned out to be.

School holidays gave me a great opportunity to cross off something that I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember.

I took my Granddaughter to the centre of Australia, to Uluru! What an amazing place that is. The experience has left memories for us both that will last our lifetimes.

So why, you say, would I be chatting about a trip to the Northern Territory in a Melbourne Getaways newsletter? Well the thought occurred to me whilst sitting at a table in the desert at the Sounds of Silence dinner. The other guests at the table were 3 Italian couples, all on their honeymoons and a couple from Queensland.

We chatted about where they had been and where they had been in Melbourne of course and I thought ... what if I could put together a page on the website for anyone wanting to have a short break from Melbourne. Whether they were visiting the place or perhaps being a local like me and wanting just a few days somewhere magic!

Well, the idea developed into a massive page and hopefully a great section on the website to fill this need.

Check this out ... Melbourne to Uluru

What's Happening on the Website?

- What's been happening on the Website - New pages announced

- Still continuing on redoing some of the woefully (where was my head at) OLD Site pages.

- What's happening in and around Melbourne in the month of ...

January through to December

This is the section on the website for each individual month. It will take some time to get all the months covered but I have managed to put together pages for September and October and now November!

- Products in my Razzle-Dazzle-Zazzle Store - The weather is warming up and this makes for fun times to head on off to the local Farmer's Market. I've designed some totes to carry all your goodies home in.

- I've been working hard at increasing the presence of Family Getaways Melbourne on a few Social Media platforms. If you haven't already followed me on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, I'd love you to join me over there.

Throughout the month, I'm always finding 'stuff' to share. There is just so much that I only have time to write about and share on the website, other content comes in from here, there and everywhere. Facebook is great platform to use when it comes to sharing other people's news and events. Make sure we connect there.

- Check out the Social Media links available for you to keep in contact - Have you joined me on Social Media? Why it's important that we keep in touch - My Tribe

New Pages On The Website

Melbourne Short Breaks

Love you to share this pages pin in Pinterest. You will find it here at Melbourne Short Breaks

This is the hub page that leads to the pages for exciting places to travel to that are a few hours from Melbourne, whether it be by land, sea or air transport. (still in the process of being completed) As I experience these adventures, I'm sharing what i find out so that you will enjoy them as much as I have

Bookmark the site's page as a favourite to visit if you are looking for a short break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

Melbourne to Uluru

There's nothing like jetting off to somewhere you have never been before!

Why not use Melbourne, Australia, as a base for some really exciting short break holidays exploring different parts of Australia. There are some truly amazing places that you can visit and each with their own unique experiences to enjoy.

So I found out that Melbourne to Uluru/a> was just one of those places.

And remember that Uluru is only 3 hours form Melbourne! My intention is to revisit this magic place down the track.

How about you?

The Melbourne Monthly Section is building slowly with the addition of What's on in Melbourne in November

Researching this subject, I had no idea that Melbourne gets so busy this month with so much to see and do. Too much to mention really, so I chose 15 top things to do in Melbourne for the month. There is something for everybody.

There is info on ...

The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival - Melbourne Cup - Flemington

The Polish Festival- Federation Square

The Eureka Stair Climb - Eureka Tower Melbourne City

The White Tower Festival - Queen Victoria Market

The Summer Night Market - Queen Victoria Market

The Cat Lovers Festival - Royal Exhibition Buildings

Opera in the Bowl - Sidney Myer Music Bowl Melbourne CBD

The Myer Christmas Windows - Melbourne CBD

The Mind, Body and Spirit Festival - Exhibition Buildings Melb' CBD

The Victoria State Rose Garden Festival - Werribee Mansion

The Frankston Seaside Street Food Festival - Frsnkston Foreshore

The Queenscliff Music Festival - Queenscliff

The Geelong Revival Motoring Festival - Geelong foreshore

The La Dolce Vita Festival - King Valley

The Massive Murray Paddle - Murray River Yarrawonga to Swan Hill

Use this page to fill in your diary and check the Weather in November page to see what the month may have in store for us. November is such an unpredictable month!

I've added a few more videos to the Pinterest Video Board. I would love you to pop over and have a look. Save a few or all ... LOL ... and share them around. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising :-)

This is one I made for What's on in November. Love making these.

There are lots of new Pinterest pins that have been made up, so if you like to collect them, just head on over to Travel Melbourne and checkout the latest

Been chatting with Peter Robinson from Challenge Paintball and Laser Skirmish and with Christmas holidays coming up, this just might make a fun thing to do with a group of kids. Peter explains that ...

Quote ...

"Laser Skirmish is a new sport using the latest technology. Because the units don’t have a projectile, they are not firearms. Since there is no paint there is no mess. The lasers shoot further, up to 200 metres, are more accurate and are not affected by wind. Plus there are no legal restrictions on this game. With our inflatable bunkers you can even play in your yard, local park, oval, warehouse, hall or even inside your office..." Pee Robinson

The games are played at 3 different venues. Skye, Wallan and Cockatoo.

Maybe even consider a birthday party or special celebration? Just a thought.

Check the website page out for more details Laser Skirmish and Paintball Laser

Site Overhaul! is still going on

If you do find anything on the website that is out of date, I would really appreciate if you could let me know. Please contact me here

Also, if there is anything that you would like to see up on the site, use the same link and let me know. I love putting new information on the site for others to enjoy.

There are some pages on the site where you can share your own experiences. On the page, you will find a form where you can add your own story. Here are some examples.

Markets in Melbourne

Zoo Stories

If you would like to share your experience or experiences with us, that would be great. Become part of the website with your very own page.

Here is a typical example of a viewer's experience on the beach at Redcliff

Sunrise on Redcliff beach

Just click onto the image and fill in your details. My promise is to NOT spam you or inundate you with products to purchase. Just full on information for you to make your time in Melbourne a fun experience.

The Biggest Mistake Visitors to Melbourne Make

'Not Being Prepared'

Preparing your trip/visit into the city will save you heaps of time and frustration.

Family Getaways Melbourne will help somewhat, however, there are other ways that you can make your visit a memorable one.

Drop into the Tourist Information Centre at Federation Square and chat with the friendly staff there.

Federation Square, Melbourne

Corner Swanston and Flinders streets(opposite Flinders Street Station)Open daily 9am - 6pm

Melbourne Visitor Booth

Bourke Street Mall, Melbournebetween Swanston and Elizabeth streetsOpen daily 9am - 5pm

Fitzroy Gardens Visitor Centre

Fitzroy GardensWellington Parade, East MelbourneOpen daily 9am - 5pm

City Ambassadors

Along Swanston StreetAt corner of Flinders Street, Collins Street and Bourke Street Open dailyMonday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm Sunday, noon to 3pm

Or, if you have access to a printer, print off some maps ...

Visitor Maps

I don't know about you, but I love BBQ's in the park. There's something about a BBQ'd sausage in bread and the smell of the Aussie bush. Kid's running through the new spring growth with the Aussie Wattle blooming colourfully and the crisp mountain air.

Parks and Gardens in and around Melbourne

My "Razzle-Dazzle-Zazzle Store?

Spring is an excellent time to wander the local Farmers Markets

I've made up several totes for carrying all that special produce back home with you.

Here is a small selection, just to get you started ...

Whilst you are visiting my Zazzle store, wander around and check out more of my product range. If you want something especially designed or made up for you just let me know.

Contact me here - Get in touch

Melbourne's Markets On Social Media

Each week, on my Market's Facebook page, I list all the markets that are on over the weekend.

Follow the Melbourne Markets page on Facebook, that way you will know what markets are on each weekend.

I also have the weekly market listings on this page on the website

Social Media

Social Media is alive and well on Family Getaways Melbourne.

Take the opportunity to drop in on one or all of these page links and connect up. Keep in touch!

- The Facebook Family Getaways Melbourne Page

- The Facebook Melbourne Markets Page

- Family Getaways Melbourne on YouTube

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- Follow me on Instagram

- Follow me on Twitter

To those of you who have already connected on any of these Social Media platforms, I say Thank you

What I love to do is interact with you. Always far more interesting to have a two way conversation the internet.

Come on over and start a conversation, share a picture or more from the Pinterest boards or if you have 'TRIED' something, make a comment.

This 'Tried' button really gets the conversations going.

Give it a try out. For example you may have done something in Melbourne that the picture is depicting. Say so and what you thought of it.

Look out for the pictures that I have pinned personally - they will have this showing ...

This is the 'Pinterest Board' that has my Website pages pinned. I'm working through each of my pages and making sure that each is pinned onto this board. If you want to only follow one of my boards, let it be this one at least :-)

The Website Pinterest Board

I love playing with Pinterest. It's turning out to be one of my favourite Social Media Platforms.

Come and join me :-)

If there is a question you need to ask or a tip/suggestion that you would like to share with me and the Site visitors, please feel free to contact me here at …

Family Getaways

I would love some Help!

Over the next few months, I have set myself a goal to really advance my website and try and build the traffic that is visiting.

So much so that I'm going to be doing a lot of posting, Tweeting and Instagraming through the Social Media platforms.

Here's where I would love you to help somewhat. You have a wonderful group of peers. Some of whom have never seen the Family Getaways Website. I would love you to share the site around amongst your family and friends.

The figures are improving every week, however, where I would love them to be is a lot higher.

Building Family Getaways Melbourne keeps me young and active, sharing what I know and what I'm learning about Melbourne gives me so much pleasure. I am sure there are stacks more people out there who would enjoy what the site has to offer.

I will say thanks for the help now as I know you love this little 'Tribe' we are in and I'm sure so will your peers.

The Future Of Family Getaways Melbourne

The Site is here to stay and I hope that you are enjoying exploring the pages as much as I do writing them up.

This coming month I will be out there exploring more of what Melbourne has to offer.The city is developing so fast these days. New buildings going up, new precincts being redeveloped and more things to see and do.

If there is anything that you need to ask pop over here and ask away

Want to see more content o the site? Have you got any suggestions? Contact me here

Don't forget to drop in and visit any of the markets I've reviewed so far and tell them Family Getaways Melbourne suggested that you do so.

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The Subscription Page. Fill in the form and that way we won't lose touch.

Until we speak again in December (OMG! It's nearly Christmas!), have a great month.

Keep well and keep safe


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