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The March Newsletter
March 30, 2017

"The Biggest Mistake Visitors Make"

March Edition 2017

What's The New's This Month?

- What's been happening on the Website - New pages announced

- Complete Site Overhaul

- The answer to "The Biggest Mistake Visitors Make"

- New Products in my Razzle-Dazzle-Zazzle Store - I think you'll love them

- Check out the Social Media links available for you to keep in contact

New Pages On The Website You Will Enjoy

Moomba Festival

I managed to get the Moomba Festival page built just in time before the festivities began.

Moomba in Melbourne

2014 Moomba Parade (60th Anniversary) Melbourne

Apologies for not having done that sooner. Hopefully if you have subscribed to the site's RSS you will have been notified that the page went up.

If you haven't set this up, pop over to the Blog page and there is a small (apologies for the size of this button) orange button. Hover over this and click onto your favorite 'feed', that way you won't miss out on the new stuff!

The Melbourne Star

You can't miss it! The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, down on the Docklands, is an attraction not to be missed.

The ride is so much fun and is an amazing experience to take new visitors to the city as the views are dramatic.

Check out all the information on the 'Star' here.

Down The Great Ocean Road

What an incredible region to explore.

So much to see and do down that way, from the dramatic coastline and up into the rainforest of the magnificent Otway Ranges, the great Ocean Road is not to be missed.

I've managed to pick out some of the best things to do when you visit the Region.

Check out Victoria's Great Ocean Road here

Massive Site Overhaul!

I took a look at the site's Home Page and decided that it was not 'great' :-(

It was terrible in fact, so terrible I decided to completely overhaul the page!

From the top Header picture ...

and all the way to the very bottom.

Check out the more up to date information on the page now. Hope you like it :-)

Site Home Page Revamped!

Every page on the website requires an overhaul and that's going to take some time as there are a lot of them.

I do believe, though, that you will like the results. It's a big job but a fun one.

So far these pages have had a face lift. Check them out, there may be new information that could help you enjoy your time in Melbourne more.

Melbourne's Attractions

Things that you can do in Melbourne

How to get around Melbourne

The Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens

And talking about Visiting Melbourne, leads me to the answer to the statement

"The Biggest Mistake Visitors Make"

Not Being Prepared

Preparing your trip/visit into the city will save you heaps of time and frustration.

Family Getaways Melbourne will help somewhat, however, there are other ways that you can make your visit a memorable one.

Drop into the Tourist Information Centre at Federation Square and chat with the friendly staff there.

Federation Square, Melbourne Corner Swanston and Flinders streets (opposite Flinders Street Station) Open daily 9am - 6pm

Melbourne Visitor Booth

Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne between Swanston and Elizabeth streets Open daily 9am - 5pm

Fitzroy Gardens Visitor Centre

Fitzroy Gardens Wellington Parade, East Melbourne Open daily 9am - 5pm

City Ambassadors

Along Swanston Street At corner of Flinders Street, Collins Street and Bourke Street Open daily Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm Sunday, noon to 3pm

Or, if you have access to a printer, print off some maps ...

Visitor Maps

What's New In The "Razzle-Dazzle-Zazzle Store?

Love the 'retro look' so much so just had to make this little beauty!

Perfect to collect all that sea glass or carry everything you need down to the beach.

I can just hear the question ... "Where did you get that?"

And here's another great tote. I made this up and had to buy one myself just to check the quality etc.

Well, it is great!

Big, buxom and beautiful.

A very strong and sturdy bag, great to carry everything in when you're off to the beach. Would make a beautiful gift for someone who loves anything to do with the beach.

Whilst you are visiting my Zazzle store, wander around and check out more of my product range. If you want something especially designed or made up for you just let me know.

Contact me here - Get in touch

Social Media

Social Media is alive and well on Family Getaways Melbourne.

Take the opportunity to drop in on one or all of these page links and connect up. Keep in touch!

- The Facebook Family Getaways Melbourne Page

- The Facebook Melbourne Markets Page

- The Google+ Page for Family Getaways Melbourne

- Melbourne Travel Boards on Pinterest

- Follow me on Instagram

If there is a question you need to ask or a tip/suggestion that you would like to share with me and the Site visitors, please feel free to contact me here at …

Family Getaways

The Future Of Family Getaways Melbourne

The Site is here to stay and I hope that you are enjoying exploring the pages as much as I do writing them up.

This coming month I will be out there exploring more of what Melbourne has to offer.The city is developing so fast these days. New buildings going up, new precincts being redeveloped and more things to see and do.

If there is anything that you need to ask pop over here and ask away

Want to see more content o the site? Have you got any suggestions? Contact me here

Don't forget to drop in and visit any of the markets I've reviewed so far and tell them Family Getaways Melbourne suggested that you do so.

Speak to you soon.

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