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Edgars mission

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One of the world's best farm animal rescue shelters can be found less than an hour's drive from Melbourne's city center.

You can find Willomavin, nestled in the peaceful foothills of Victoria's Great Dividing Range

An amazing animal haven, where rescued farm creatures, big and small, are able to live out their days in this peaceful and protected animal rescue shelters sanctuary.

An animal's cry, to "give me shelter", has been answered by Pam Ahern and together with her band of dedicated volunteers and supporters, we the public, are offered the opportunity to be educated about the sad plight of many farm and domestic animals.

Each animal that lives in this peaceful animal rescue shelters sanctuary has a very unique story to share.

Some of these stories tell of unbelievable cruelty and suffering, shocking animal abuse and over all human neglect.

Other stories tell of abandonment and loss. But all the stories have a happy ending for each animal as they have been lucky to find their way here to Edgar's Mission.

Here they are able to live out their lives and at the same time become ambassadors for their breed and educating we humans as to what needs to and can be done to help their fellow animal friends.

Edgar's Mission is a not for profit animal rescue shelters sanctuary and home for rescued pigs, sheep, goats, Chickens, calves, Ducks, horses, rabbits and various breeds of cats and dogs.

One lucky sheep who now lives at Edgars Mission in Melbourne AustraliaEdgars Mission is one of Kindness

Where Is Edgar's Mission

Head on out along the Hume Highway northwest of Melbourne towards the Kilmore turnoff.

Here, in the foothills of Victoria's Great Dividing Range, you will find 60 acres of pretty countryside, home to Victoria's animal rescue shelters Edgar Mission.

Obtain your directions by clicking the blue button below on the map and following the directions.

Edgar’s Mission
81 Bridies Lane, Lancefield VIC 3435, Australia

Telephone: +61 408 397 301

Where It All Began

2003 saw the start of Edgr's Mission with Edgar Alan Pig leading the way. This amazing and humble pig was to become the ambassador and savior to hundreds of animals and his legacy still lives on.

Pam Ahern, Edgar's proud owner, was fast to realize that he, along with other rescued farm animals, made the best ambassadors and story tellers helping to change the way people think about farm animals.

Edgar Alan Pig at Edgars Mission Melbourne AustraliaEdgar Alan Pig - Himself

Edgar Alan Pig sadly passed away in 2010, just after his 7th birthday.

His legacy does however carry on through the work of his animal ambassador friends.

kids love Edgar Alan pigPlaying with Edgar the pig at the Animal Rescue Shelter

You Can Tour The Animal Rescue Shelter

Tour days and times are set, and whilst they do not charge an entry fee (tax-deductible donations are always welcome and will enable us to keep up our live saving and changing work on behalf of animals) bookings and confirmation are essential.

See the tour dates and particulars here

How Can You Become Involved in Animal Rescue Shelters?

cartoon farm animals

1) The Animal Rescue Shelters Volunteer Opportunities

Consider volunteering to help around the farm on one of the special days allocated throughout each month.

The day starts around 9:30am and goes through to around 4:00pm. There is a registration form to fill in upon arrival.

Just click here for more dates and details on what is required for these fun Animal rescue shelters Volunteer Opportunities Days.

2) Best Buddy Program

"In 2012 on the special Kids Day Out I visited Edgars Mission with my Grandchildren and we chose several of the farm animals to actually sponsor.
In hearing both these animal's stories the children were so touched and wanted to do something to help. Here is where we all can really give Pam a hand and at the same time ensure that all these brave creatures continue to live well deserved lives." Marylyn (SuperNan)

How To Become A Buddy

The Buddy Program is where an animal is chosen to buddy with and a donation is put forward to help with the care and the maintenance of this animal for 12 months.

The option of course being given at the end of this time to continue with the program, but there is no obligation to do so.

Buddy packs consist of a sponsorship certificate, color photograph and Buddy profile.

Reports are sent throughout the year regarding the progress of the chosen buddy and you are welcome to come along on the volunteer days to visit the chosen animal.

Pop over to the website and read some amazing stories and then try to choose just one to buddy up with...if you can!

There are lots of other ways apart from the Buddy Program where you are easily able to help.

Check them all out as I am sure there will be something that you can do to become a part of this great cause.

The Kindness trail Walk at Edgar's MissionThe Kindness Trail Walk Edgars Mission

Special Event Days

Special days are held throughout the year such as...

  • Earth Day.
  • World Animal Day.
  • Kids Day Out.
  • Carols by Barnlight.

Why not pop over to Edgar's Misson website (see the banner image below) and put your name down on the mailing list. That way you won't miss out on what's happening.  

      Click on the banner below for more information

Banner image link to Edgar's Mission contact-us

Come along with your friends and family on these extra special days, each time we have attended we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and learnt so much more.

Healthy animals frolicking at Edgar's MissionHappiness Is Happy Animals Frolicking

Part of my childhood was spent growing up on a farm and when Charlotte's Web was released I fell in love with farm life all over again.

When visiting Edgar's Mission I was thrilled to find that some of the animals on the farm were actually stars in the films! When you get to visit the animal farm don't forget to ask about Pam's famous inhabitants.

Find the story of Charlotte and her friends below in 3 different forms.

One Is in the DVD format, one is an audio adaptation and the other is the classic written version.

If You Love Animals, You Will Love The Story Of Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web DVD version
Charlotte's Web-DVD
The classic story of loyalty trust & sacrifice comes to life in this live action adaptation.
Charlotte's Web-Audio Version
This is the story of a kindhearted girl named Fern who saves the life of a very small and very lucky pig named Wilbur.
Charlotte's Web audio

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