Family Day Out in the City

by Mandy

Locals take in the 360 degree Views on the Observation Deck

Locals take in the 360 degree Views on the Observation Deck

We decided to have a family day out in the big city! To do this we thought we'd catch the train and trams and visit the Rialto Observation Deck.

We really enjoyed it, the view was really good. The weather was a bit off that day but that did not deter us as the observation deck has a combination of indoor and outdoor viewing areas.

So anyway, we spent most of our time inside admiring the great view of our city and went out for a short time, simply because we were there, so how could we not.

It's a shame that it has closed, from what I remember it seems to have been around forever! And what about all those marathons up all those stairs????? Are they still going to do that?

Anyway, at least we can say that we've been there and done that. It's important to visit landmarks locally and not only when you are on holidays.


Thanks Mandy and I agree, it is a terrific thing to do with the kids...enjoying what your own city has to offer.

Why wait till the holidays I always say, when you can do the "touristy" thing any time.

I am glad you enjoyed yourselves.


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