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I love to find places to recommend for fun filled, family getaways.

Searching out places in other parts of this amazing country of Australia has to be a fascinating thing to do.

Wizard of Oz

There are so many websites now on the internet, the volume of information is tremendous.

With that thought in mind come with me now as I introduce you to a few websites that I have selected to link to that may be of interest.

If perhaps you are traveling around Australia in the near future I am sure that this information will be invaluable.

The websites I have chosen are owned and operated by my friends who know their topic.

Australia is such a huge country. Fantastic beaches, incredible deserts, exciting cities and unique country towns filled with amazing history.

You are therefore receiving first hand expert knowledge, there is nothing second hand here.

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Family Getaways Melbourne

encircling the world

I am gathering more information to link to all the time.

If you come across a travel site that you feel Family Getaways Melbourne may be interested in linking with, I would really appreciate you letting me know.

Just drop me a line on the Contact Me Page

If you are a Site Owner and would enjoy exchanging links, fly on over to the Contact Me Page and send me your details and I will then make arrangements for us to exchange links.

The information can be of a place, person or thing. My Site visitors are always hungry to read up on anything unusual.

Ok, jump up onto my magic carpet and let's go exploring some interesting places.

Because Australia is such a huge continent there is so much land and water to explore.

In fact I have only seen probably 10 % of this vast land. This is where other folk who have had the chance to visit other top interesting places that I haven't had the chance to get to come in handy.

There expert and professional information is such a help to me and I can offer it here to you to enhance your experience of Australia and all tha tit has to offer.

If you have any questions that you need an answer to, drop over to my Contact page and ask away.

I will hunt out the relevent answer and get back to you ASAP!

For now click onto the link below and read up on this amazing country I live in.

animated australian flag

Visit Australia ... links to my Australian friends.

Click this link for more information on other places around Australia written by my Aussie Mates.

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