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Kids Swimming
Melbourne's Swimming Pools Are The Best

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How Things Have Changed.

In the early days in Melbourne there were not many swimming pools or places where you could cool off on a hot day.

Those that were around, were basic and compared to the Leisure Centres these days, they were very boring.

Swimming pools that were around back in the day, were called Baths and to get to them you would usually have needed to catch trains, trams and buses.

Most times, combinations of 1 or 2 or more methods of transport and on a hot day, this was never really convenient. 

By the time you got there, you would have to fight your way through the crowds to find a little bit of water to sit in, if you were lucky.

A friendly kid swimming experience was out of the question, there was just not enough room!

These days you have been lucky enough to be introduced to the Age of AQUA-RIAS.

This is where young, imaginative and inventive brains have come up with modern day swimming holes. These are filled with bits and pieces that you would swear have come from the plumbing supplies for some giant's castle.

Knox Leisure And Aquatic CentreKnox Leisure And Aquatic Centre

All family members, adults and kids alike can slip and slide and play to their hearts content.

No longer restricted to just swimming, but hey that is great too.

Here we find a plethora (got to love that word) of colors, shapes and pool sizes to satisfy the kid in all of us.

Some Of The Modern Day Big Toys For Kids Swimming Fun

These are safe places now to take that precious baby swimming as now there are shallow pools at most local leisure centers.

Pools for family swimming and some of these actually simulating a beach scene with shallows to play in, massive wave pools to slash away in and all this without the sand.

Geelong Adventure Park waterslide compliments of Alan Isherwood at  https://flic.kr/p/8VXN3Geelong Adventure Park waterslide compliments of Alan Isherwood at https://flic.kr/p/8VXN3

When the kids are complaining, "I'm bored. I've got nothing to do."

Take the "Kids swimming" - it's a great way to keep them amused!

These days the kids, young and old have so many other great 'Bits and Pieces' to play with, such as ...

  • Wave Pools
  • Rock pools
  • Bubblers
  • Water Jets
  • Swimming Pool Waterfalls
  • Inflatables
  • Float mats
  • Jumping castles
  • and Rope Swings
  • Fountains

Find one of the many Public Swimming Pools that have been built in and around Melbourne and Victoria.

You can find a comprehensive list of local swimming pools here.

The online yellow pages is an excellent resource along with their contact details and you can also use the map component for directions on how to get to them, an excellent and very easy tool to use.

Some of these pools are more local than others.

You could even make a real day of the family getaway experience, as some of these swimming pools have BBQ and Picnic facilities.

Pop on over to my page on Picnic Ideas for a few suggestions on what to take to feed the hungry hoards.

Most swimming centers have a kiosk for quick snacks and some have quite elaborate cafes providing things like latte's and hot chocolate ... yummy!

   They're Driving Me Insane!!!!!   

Work! Work! Work! The pressure cooker is at boiling point. You need to unwind.

Solution - Take The Kids Swimming.

If you don't want to join them in the water then while they tire themselves out read a great book and relax!

Some Suggestions On What To Take Along

  • Food and Drinks
  • Food and Drinks...yes I did repeat myself 'cause they get soooooo hungry!
  • Towels and lots of them
  • Foam Noodles, one for each kid (big and little)
  • Some swimming pool games
  • Flippers (the ones these days are a lot less cumbersome)
  • Goggles (a few spares just in case
  • Some slip, slop, slap creams and hats if going outdoors
  • Ball/s
  • Kick boards
  • Kids swimming life vests
  • Floaties, I have found that the back pack one is great. You can remove a panel at a time as your child becomes more "Drown-proofed"

Please never take your eyes off your kids swimming as it only takes a split second for any of them to get into strife. These days at the aquatic Center you will find life guards patrolling all the perimeters of the pool areas.

Such a great bonus if you have more than one of your kids swimming.

In Melbourne and the City's surrounding suburbs can be found the most amazing Swimming Centers.

I would love to hear from you if you know of a local leisure center. You can let me know here.

These 2 links will supply excellent information on where the Leisure Centres and Swimming Pools are in and around Melbourne.

Melbourne Aquatic Centres and Swimming Pools

Melbourne's Swimming Pools - Alphabetical List

Quite a few of these Aquatic Centers cater for a kids swimming pool party.

Kilsyth Centenary Pool is a great place to do just that. This Olympic size pool has a huge Dome that covers it and the other pool recreational areas.

Creative recreations don't need to cost a fortune and there is no need to drive miles to now find the nearest fun, swimming hole.

Kilsyth Swimming Pool DomeKilsyth Swimming Pool Dome

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