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Port Phillip Bay Eastcoast Beaches

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The Eastcoast of Port Phillip bay is an absolute beach lovers paradise.

There are flat, shallow, sandy long strips to the east of Melbourne that provide safe swimming for all the family.

Travel down along the Nepean Highway to the Mornington Peninsular where you can experience a diverse change of scenery and shoreline types.

From rocky cliff tops and rocky reefs to secluded half moon sandy stretches of delightful swimming beaches.

These Port Phillip Bay eastcoast beaches in Melbourne Australia all add up to an amazing area full of unexpected delights for you and your family to explore...

From cliffs, sheltered coves, little private bays, stretches of ripple-sanded shallows, rock pools and sunken wrecks, boardwalks and exciting marinas.

Family Beach - Mordialloc-Sandringham Shoreline

Safe family beaches of Mordialloc and Sandringham shoreline compliments of

Please note when walking along the cliff top edges to be aware that they can be unstable sometimes. Try to keep to the paths if there are any.

East Coast Beaches Around Port Phillip Bay

Walk or ride beside the bayside beaches of Port Phillip Bay compliments of

Because there are so many different east coast beaches, I have divided the them into separate areas.

Some of these are my favorite Port Phillip Bay eastcoast beaches so I am writing these up in more detail elsewhere in the site under the heading of Port Phillip Bay.

If you would like to investigate a beach more thoroughly then pop on over there and check out if you and I have chosen the same beaches.

Port Phillip Bay is a large sheltered bay in the shape of a horseshoe.

You can see from the map that the length of the coastline is quite long.

Map of Port Phillip Bay

The actual opening to the bay is however, quite narrow and hard to traverse as was found out the hard way by many ships trying to navigate the famous Heads known as The Rip.

Many a maritime disaster has taken place here producing quite a large ship graveyard.

East Coast Beaches Of Hobsons Bay

Port Melbourne at dusk compliments of

Here you can take in the sights of a busy city at play.

The full city skyline can be seen from the bay and sitting on the sandy shoreline you can watch the huge ocean liners docking at Station Pier.

Spirit Of Tasmania Docks At Station Pier

Spirit Of Tasmania Docks At Station Pier

Around Hobsons Bay you can find easy promenades to walk, bike ride, exercise and roller blade along.

Long open stretches of sandy coastline where you can fly a kite or even kite-surf yourself when the wind is right.

The beaches in this area are known as...

  • Yarra River Beach
  • Sandridge Beach-Port Melbourne
  • Port Melbourne Beach
  • South Melbourne Beach
  • St Kilda Beach, this includes the Historic Sea Baths

Between Hobsons Bay And Beaumaris Bay

East Coast Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes

east coast Brighton beach bathing boxes compliments of

The Port Phillip Bay eastcoast beaches in this area are...

  • Elwood Beach
  • Seacombe Grove Beach
  • Middle Brighton Beach---includes the Sea baths
  • Brighton Beach
  • Hampton Beach
  • Sandringham Beach

East Coast Sandringham Beach At High Tide

Sandringham Beach compliments of

Some of Melbourne's top beaches for family fun can be found in this Port Phillip Bay eastcoast area.

Safe family beaches to swim in and great places to visit for a picnic day out.

  • Half Moon Bay
  • Black Rock beach
  • Ricket's Point beach
  • Watkin's Bay
  • Keefer's Cove

Port Phillip Bay Eastcoast - Beaumaris Bay

Within a short driving distance from the central business district of Melbourne you will find pretty, stretches of sandy shoreline, safe beaches.

Shallow foreshores that are a great place for the little ones to play safely and where you can sit in the shallows and still enjoy the beach at its best.

Family At Play On The Shallow Eastcoast Shoreline

Family at play on a shallow sandbar

Beautiful, clear, calm waters and soft clean warm sands make these beaches perfect for safe family swimming

  • Mentone beach
  • Parkdale beach
  • Mordialloc beach
  • Aspendale
  • Edithvale
  • Chelsea
  • Bonbeach
  • Carrum
  • Seaford
  • Long Island
  • Frankston

Between Beaumaris Bay And Dromana Bay

Rugged Mount Martha Cliff Tops East Coast

The rugged cliff tops at Mount Martha

This area of coastline is very dramatic in parts, with secluded coves, fantastic fishing spots, private sheltered sandy beaches and tall overhanging rocky cliffs.

  • Mount Eliza beach
  • Canadian Bay
  • Half Moon Bay
  • Sunnyside beach
  • Fishermans beach
  • Fosters beach
  • Fossil beach
  • Mt Martha beaches

East Coast Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay Melbourne, Australia compliments of

Dromana Bay And Capel Sound

Safe Family Swimming At Rye Beach In Summer

Rye beach shoreline compliments of

Along this section of the Port Phillip Bay Eastcoast can be found the most safest swimming waters for those little tots of yours.

Shallow flat rippled sandbars stretch along the foreshore way out into the bay.

The beaches in this area include...

  • Pebble Cove---Mt Martha
  • Safety beach
  • Dromana beach
  • Mc.Crae beach
  • Rosebud
  • Tootgarook
  • Rye
  • Blairgowrie
  • Sorrento

The Pier At Rye Eastcoast Beach

Rye Pier compliments of

You can catch the ferry at Sorrento and travel across the bay to the westcoast, docking at Queenscliff.

This is a great trip to take the family for the day.

Just drive your car onto the ferry, settle in for a short ocean cruise and if you are really lucky you may catch a glimpse of an ocean liner or cargo ship coming in through the Heads.

The Sorrento to Queenscliff Car Ferry

Sorrento to Queenscliff ferry

Eastcoast Point Nepean Beaches

Oh how Dramatic.

This section of coastline takes you to the very tip of the Port Phillip Bay Eastcoast beaches. The entrance to the bay can be seen at Point Nepean. The coastline in bold, wild and mostly for fossicking rock-climbing and exploring.

Some sections are not open to the public as they are very unstable and dangerous. There are secluded little coves for safe swimming and wonderful rocky reefs to explore. The ocean often throws up relics from the past, beachcombing along this foreshore line can bring an exciting find.

Many a ship has floundered trying to navigate The Heads, you never know what you may find. Watch the large cargo ships and passenger liners pass through The Heads, through The Rip.

Sip a wine at the Portsea Pub. Wander out along the Portsea Pier and watch the scuba divers practice their craft. Take in the breathtaking beauty of the area and imagine a time when life was more simple.

The beaches in this area include...

  • Shelly beach
  • Portsea beach
  • Ticonderoga beach
  • Observatory Point---the sand dunes here are very unstable
  • The Rip

There are plenty of Port Phillip Bay eastcoast beaches to choose from whatever beach activity you are into.

Note, that if your activity takes you out onto the waters of the bay, be aware that this area of water can turn nasty quite quickly.

Follow the weather conditions and you can be guaranteed a great day out.

Westerly Change Reaches Port Phillip Bay

Westerly change arrives on Port Phillip Bay compliments of

What Beaches Would You Like To Discover?

Do you like a rugged beach?

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When at the beach safety is always a priority

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