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Over the years animal exhibits at the Zoo have dramatically changed.

Once upon a time zoos were used to exhibit animals in closed in cages and sometimes the areas in which they were displayed left a lot to be desired.

The modern day exhibit is a much more humane way of showing off the world's amazing animal species with great emphasis on a more natural display area. With zoos working to help protect the endangered species with successful captive breeding programs some of the vanishing endangered wildlife numbers are now being protected.

Here at the world class Melbourne Zoo the zoo exhibit displays are managed by professional zoo keepers and staff.

Melbourne Zoo Entrance

Melbourne Zoo entrance compliments of,_Victoria,_Australia_-22Jan2011.jpg  This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

The Melbourne Zoo Exhibit Displays

Trail of the Elephants

Visitors are able to walk through an Asian Village that shares the enclosure with 5 Asian Elephants.

Mali, the baby elephant, is now on display here with her mother.

Melbourne Zoo Baby Elephant

Melbourne Zoo Baby Elephant compliments of

Butterfly House

This area is a beautiful enclosed greenhouse-stye exhibit where you are able to wander through enjoying the free flying butterfly collection.

Male Cairns Birdwing Butterfly

Male Cairns Birdwing Butterfly compliments of

Orangutan's Sanctuary

There are 3 enclosures designed to display how these tree dwelling animals live.

Walk along the elevated boardwalk and share the endangered orangutans fun and games and at the same time learn about their precarious plight.

One Of Melbourne Zoos'z Orangutan

One Of Melbourne Zoos'z Orangutan compliments of

Asian Rainforest

Visit with the Sumatran Tigers, Asian Birds and Asian Otters.

Melbourne Zoo's Sumatran Tiger

Melbourne Zoo's Sumatran Tiger compliments of

Australian Outback

Aussie kangaroos,koalas,emus, wombats, echidnas and many more unique Australian Fauna.

Feeding The Kangaroo At The Melbourne Zoo

Feeding The Kangaroo At The Melbourne Zoo compliments of

Great Flight Aviary

This historical avairy was built in the 1930's and displays Australian Rainforests, wetlands and bushland.

Native Australian birds fly freely throughout the whole enclosure.

Australian Native Birds At Melbourne Zoo

Australian Native Birds At Melbourne Zoo compliments of


View free roaming Giraffes, zebras, ostrich and other plains animals.

Melbourne Zoo's Giraffe

Melbourne Zoo's Giraffe compliments of

Lion Park

The Zoo shows off the 4 brothers born in the 2000. African hunting dogs live in the neighboring display.

Melbourne Zoo Lion

Melbourne Zoo Lion compliments of

Reptile House

All sorts of slithering creatures live in here!

Come in an see for yourself if you dare.

Reptile House Green Iguana - Melbourne Zoo

Reptile House Green Iguana - Melbourne Zoo compliments of

African Rain Forest

Learn all about the western plains lowland Gorillas.

View the Mandrill exhibit, quite an engaging creature.

Gorilla At The Melbourne Zoo

Gorilla At The Melbourne Zoo compliments of

Tree top Apes and Monkeys

Netted enclosures, elevated boardwalks and viewing windows make observing these animals from the zoo a real delight.

Enjoy their entertaining antics only a few feet away from you.

Black-capped Capuchin Monkey - Melbourne Zoo

Black-capped Capuchin Monkey - Melbourne Zoo compliments of

Wild Sea

The wonders of the Victorian coastline and the open southern ocean are displayed in this zoo exhibit.

Home to the Melbourne Zoo Seals and the Little Blue Penguin.

The Public can view their swimming skills through floor to ceiling windows.

Melbourne Zoo's Seal

Melbourne Zoo's Seal compliments of

The Melbourne Zoo is continually upgrading, renovating and adding to the zoo exhibit displays and the exhibits above are just some of the Zoo's commitment to showcase the world's animal life in as much a humane way as possible

There is still so much to see and do at the Zoo you just have to go take a look!

Viewing Windows Wild Sea Exhibit Melbourne Zoo

Viewing Windows Wild Sea Exhibit Melbourne Zoo compliments of

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Take a look here at some of the Melbourne Zoo Animals and you can see an example of what a humane zoo exhibit display is all about.

Visit Some Of The Melbourne Zoo Animals

image link to site page on Meerkats
image link to site page on little penguins
image link to site page on pygmy hippopotamus

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