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The February Newsletter
February 28, 2017

Where Is The year Going!

February Edition 2017

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Newsletter Contents

- What's been happening on the Website - New pages announced

- I have been busy designing a truly unique line of Tote bags that you will love. I personally love bags and these are excellent for using at the market or the beach for all sorts of occasions.

I have created one especially for collecting sea glass

- Check out my Social Media links available for you to keep in contact

New Pages On The Website You Will Enjoy



It's an exciting time in Melbourne as we get ready to host the start of the 1st Formula1 Championship event for the year.

March sees the city's beautiful Albert Park Lake region transformed into a world class car racing circuit with twists and turns rivalling any around the world.

Read up on more information, dates etc and head on into the city for some ear drum busting fun and games!

Street Art in and around Melbourne

Pop over and check out where you can find some amazing street art in the inner CBD and outer suburbs of Melbourne.

Shepard Fairey Hosier Melbourne

By TigTab from Melbourne, Australia (Shepard Fairey in Hosier) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

My Razzle Dazzle Zazzle Products

Like Street Art?

Check out an example of Melbourne's Street Art. What a great way to display an iconic part of Melbourne life! Excellent gift idea or why not buy one yourself? Check out the different designs I've come up with!

This is just one of a selection of bag designs I have put together.

The full range of Street Art Bags and other products I have designed can be found here ...

Melbourne Street Art Gift Line


make for an excellent gift idea and I have used some of the my favourite photos to make a truly unique range of gifts that framed, would look amazing. I've even bought some of these myself to check the quality of the paper etc and I am really impressed with the finished product.

Click here to view the full Poster Collection

Here is an example of one of the posters in the collection

You will find lots of different products in my Store, suitable for all sorts of occasions and I'm always making new ones all the time. Check out the store whenever you are after something truly unique, something you can't get anywhere else!

I'd love you to check out my Zazzle Store on Pinterest. Follow the board and receive notification of new products I have developed! My Zazzle Store on Pinterest

As I mentioned before, I have created a special carry all for when you head on out to beachcombe.

Carry all those precious finds home in this vintage tote.

She Just Loves Her Sea Glass Tote

Heading off to beachcombe?

Then this sturdy vintage print tote will be great to collect all your precious finds. Sea Glass, shells, drift wood, in fact anything that you find along the foreshore will be great to store safely in this carry all.

Use the customise it function to add your own personal touch.

The tote makes for a great gift for that special occasion.

Buy one for yourself and one for that precious friend of yours. They will love it.

Social Media

Social Media is alive and well on Family Getaways Melbourne.

I'd love you to take the opportunity to drop in on one or all of the page links and connect up.

- The Facebook Family Getaways Melbourne Page

- The Facebook Melbourne Markets Page

- The Google+ Page for Family Getaways Melbourne

- Melbourne Travel Boards on Pinterest

- Follow me on Instagram

If there is a question you need to ask or a tip/suggestion that you would like to share with me and the Site visitors, please feel free to contact me here at …

Family Getaways

The Future Of Family Getaways Melbourne

The Site is here to stay and I hope that you are enjoying exploring the pages as much as I do writing them up.

This coming month I will be out there exploring more of what Melbourne has to offer.The city is developing so fast these days. New buildings going up, new precincts being redeveloped and more things to see and do.

If there is anything that you need to ask pop over here and ask away

Want to see more content o the site? Have you got any suggestions? Contact me here

Don't forget to drop in and visit any of the markets I've reviewed so far and tell them Family Getaways Melbourne suggested that you do so.

Speak to you soon.

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