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Melbourne Getaways , Issue #003 -- An introduction to Melbourne Markets
September 25, 2014

What's Out There For You To Explore This Month?

September 2014

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> What's been happening on the Website
> New Social Media links available for you to keep in contact
> What am I up to this coming month?
> Are you ready for the 2014 Family Beach Photo Contest?
> The future of the Family Getaways Melbourne Website

How exciting is this time of year!

Here in Melbourne the daffodils and blossom herald in the Spring Season. What this means is that Melbourne is coming out of its Winter hibernation.

The Melbourne Show is on, the racing carnival is about to get under way and all the summer clothes are being dusted off and aired.

Lots of families hitting the outdoors with picnic hampers and plenty of things to do in Melbourne central as well as out into the Victorian countryside. Plenty to keep each weekend full of fun and exciting activities.

September is also a time for school holidays and I have plenty of suggestions that you and the kids will love.

For instance...

Coal Creek Heritge Village just on the outskirt of Korumburra in south east Gippsland has to be the most amazing place to explore the early coal mining industry.

Here, along with wonderful heritage buildings, olden day memrobilia and fascinating Victorian history, you and your family can experience what it would have been like to live in those early pioneering days.

That's just one day trip from Melbourne worth investigating.
Wander through the website and you will find plenty more suggestions.

I've started to write up a section on the fascinating Melbourne Markets. This is a subject dear to my heart as many years ago I used to travel the countryside 'doing' craft markets with my Australiana products.

Now I am on the other side of the stall holder's table and having a ball.

The market place has changed somewhat with the influx of Farmers' Markets opening up here, there and everywhere. to tell you the truth, I love these markets - fresh homemade produce, yummy delicious treats.

These along with incredibly clever arts and crafts makes Melbourne Markets a fascinating subject to concentrate on for awhile.

Enjoy each market as I get to review it and don't hesitate to let me know if there is one that you feel I should visit. Let me know here

Social Media

Social Media is alive and well on Family Getaways Melbourne.

I'd love you to take the opportunity to drop in on one or all of the page links and connect up.

- The Facebook Family Getaways Melbourne Page

- The Facebook Melbourne Markets Page

- The Google+ Page for Family Getaways mMlbourne

- Melbourne Travel Boards on Pinterest

Are You Ready?

The Family Beach Photo Contest will be opening in October.

Do you have your photo ready to submit?

All that is required is a snapshot of your family at the beach with or with out you in the picture. This can have been taken anywhere in the world a anytime just so long as it is on a beach

Here are examples of last year's entries ... 2013 Family Beach photos Entries

I will be announcing the opening of the 2014 contest next newsletter along with the prize for the winning entry, till then you still have several weeks to get that photo ready.

The Future Of Family Getaways Melbourne

The Site is here to stay and I hope that you are enjoying exploring the pages as much as I do writing them up.

This coming month I will be out there exploring more of what Melbourne has to offer.

I think the section on Melbourne markets will hold my attention for some time yet :-)

That's all for this months Newsletter.

I hope that you are excited as I am with all the new developments happening on the website.

Don't forget to drop in and visit any of the markets I've reviewed so far and tell them Family Getaways Melbourne suggested that you do so.

Until next month. Cheers, Marylyn.
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