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Coal Creek Heritage Village - Korumburra

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The Coal Creek Heritage Village is situated on the outskirt of Korumburr in South Eastern Gippsland.

The open museum village is comprised of buildings found throughout Victoria that have been lovingly restored to their former glory.

In each of these buildings can be found artifacts from years gone by. Each giving us an insight into how living in those times was really all about.

Included throughout the village are fascinating facts about the early history of coal, its discovery, its mining and its transportation.

The Coal Creek Heritage Victoria Village is actually situated on the very site of the Coal Creek black coalmine tunnels.

FREE ENTRY - check out the souvenir section before you leave.

  • Coal Creek is open to the general public from Thursday to Monday, 10.00am to 4.30pm.
  • Open 7 days a week over the Victorian School Holidays.
  • Coal Creek is closed Christmas Day.

Beware of the Ghosts!

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How Do You Reach The Cola Creek Heritage Village?

Click the blue icon, then click directions entering your start position, A.

The Village is on the southern end just through the township of Korumburra. You will see the sign and Silkstone road on the left.

An easy drive down the South Gippsland Highway, not too far from the city, which makes this an excellent day trip from Melbourne.

View Coal Creek Community Park and Museum in a larger map

Black Coal - Bitumous Coal

Black Coal

Bituminous Coal

Coal was discovered in the area in 1872. The southern Victorian region soon developed a bustling coal mining industry. The mine was operated from the early 1800's and closed down in 1958.

The Coal Creek Heritage Village is built around the poppet head and original coal mine workings.

The mine shaft and the mining buildings are set beside the Coal Creek Railway Siding with the old steam train engine, carriages and railway station offering an insight into rail travel in the late 1800's and into the early1900's.

Early Settlers and miners dwellings are close by filled with the basics that these amazingly courageous pioneers had to live with.

Sit yourself down in the old school house and imagine what it would have been like using chalk and ink and slates rather than computers, iPad, iPod, biros, pens and paper.

Take an imaginary train trip back in time or perhaps ride the little bush tramway that takes you down through the park.

The tramway is a narrow gauge railway that resembles those that used to service the mining and forestry regions in the 1800's. These little bush tramways transported timber that was needed in the mines as well as coal from the mines to the rail-heads.

It used to also transport timber from the surrounding forests to the timber mills nearby.

Coal Creek Heritage Village Railway Siding And Buildings

Wandering through the parkland grounds you come across beautiful scenes like this.

Sit on the veranda and take yourself back to a time in early Victorian times when horse and buggy were the only way of transport and lighting was by lamplight.

Progress through the years and delight in the new, modern inventions that started to make life a lot easier for the settlers.

In the park you will also find pleasant areas where you can lay out a picnic and settle into the ambience of the Heritage Village whilst the kids feed the local ducks.

The Pig and Whistle Cafe overlooks the lake and the little bush tramway.

They serve...

  • delicious scones, jam and cream
  • hot and cold refreshments
  • delicious pies, hot fish and chips etc
  • fresh sandwiches and rolls
  • cakes and biscuits
  • hot soups
  • other plated meal selection
  • chips,icecreams, lollies

Sit inside on a cool day by the warm open fire or outside on the veranda on warmer days.

Be prepared to spend quite some time wandering around Devlin's General Store crammed full of the most interesting and unique artifacts from bygone days.

Purchase handmade gollywogs and products made by local artisans. Memorabilia fills every nook and cranny in here. Homemade old fashioned sweets are for sale, the kids will love the stores homemade lollypops.

There are tea towels, postcards and souvenirs here as well to buy.

You are able to enter most of the buildings and each of the room's contents can be viwed through the glass windows.

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundries
  • Loungerooms
  • Studies
  • Berooms
  • Nurseries
  • Professional Rooms - Dentist, Chemists, Doctors and more

Play act in the Coal Creek Court Room or play Teacher in the School House.

There is also a Church complete with a little graveyard complete with a gravestone tribute to a local hero.

Wonder what it would be like to be a dentist, a chemist or a doctor in those days so long ago.

Coal Creek Heritage Victoria Ghost Tours

The Heritage Victoria Village hosts Ghost Tours on the second Saturday night of the month at 8.30 pm.

With no street lights, total darkness and only the ghosts of the past for company, no doubt this is an experience not to be missed.

Contact the village directly for prices and more details, they suggest that you fill in the form on this page here... Coal Creek Ghost Tours

Coal Creek Heritage Village Ghost Tours

The Coal Creek Farmers Market is held on the 2nd Saturday of the month right in the Coal Creek Heritage Victoria Village carpark.

Why not take this opportunity to combine these two pleasant outings. The market offers local produce direct from it's original source, you could explore this great little market and then have lunch at the Village.

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