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Welcome to Post Covid Melbourne Australia. The city and surrounds have changed with quite a few businesses and tourist attractions sadly having to close down. Some places have taken the opportunity to upgrade and move forward into a new and exciting time. (Please feel free to contact me and let me know if you come across any information on my website that needs to be updated.)

Melbourne is magic! It's a city that's always changing. Like a kid growing up, Melbourne is growing up too, replacing the old with the new and always conscious of its heritage, it's always fascinating to watch as the city matures.

Melbourne's a unique city in as much as it can sometimes provide the unsuspecting visitor with 4 seasons in one day.  I'm a local, an insider and I love the place so much that I've created this website to provides an intimate look into why Melbourne has been voted as the most lovable city in the world.

Welcome to Family Getaways Melbourne Australia where you will find plenty of things to do and places to explore with your family and friends. City attractions, explore the bay areas close by, free things to do and trips beyond the city boundaries. And remember, when out exploring, wear comfy shoes, perhaps a hat, as the sun gets mighty hot when it does show its face (even in the cooler months). Carry something warm to throw on 'just in case the weather turns bad' and check the weather forecast as you may need to carry an umbrella.

melbourne australiaWelcome to Melbourne Australia

Top Things To Do In Melbourne Australia
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Explore Historical Melbourne Australia

What To Do Each Month In Melbourne Australia

what's on each month in melbourne

With so much to see and do in and around the city, it sometimes can become confusing.

To make it easier to decide, I have taken each month and chosen the best things to do that you and your family and friends will love to do. 

Take out your calendar and fill in the blanks.

I'm sure that you will find plenty of variety in the selections. Some are free activities, always a bonus, and the others usually low cost but jam packed full of fun for all.

Where To Stay In Melbourne Australia

The Greater Melbourne currently has close to 400 hotels, most of them concentrated in the central city. Choosing your style of accommodation needn't be difficult and the site will give you some examples of Luxury and Budget styles that might be of interest.

I've chosen as my Affiliate partner to help with your decision. If it's Luxury Accommodation you are after or you are looking for a more Budget Style stay, look no further. 

Explore Beyond Melbourne Australia

Helpful Information Makes Your Time In Melbourne More Fun

Have Some Fun - Interact With Family Getaways Melbourne 

About Family Getaways Melbourne

Image of me, the owner of Family Getaways Melbourne

My goal with Family Getaways is to help you enjoy everything that my Hometown has to offer. As I discover new places, I'll share the experience with you.   

I'm hoping you will find everything you need for your Melbourne Getaways on my site. If not, please reach out to me with questions and let me know how I can help!

Since Covid, there have been quite a few changes in and around the city, hence some of the information that I have on my website may not be quite up to date. I would truly appreciate if you do find any that I need to address, please contact me so that I may update the information.

Enjoy exploring my website - Marylyn

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Melbourne, Australia, no other city is like it. Something for all the family to explore. Unique, diverse and exciting.Melbourne Australia, make the time to visit

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