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The Best Interstate Melbourne Short Breaks

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If you find yourself in Melbourne, Australia with a few days to spare and you would like to experience more that this amazing country has to offer, then these Interstate Melbourne Short Break Holidays may be of interest.

Travel to any of the States or territories of Australia in a relatively short period of time. 2 - 7 hours will find you visiting any of them, where once settled into your choice of accommodation you can venture out and explore.

Australia is such a large continent with so many different and unique landscapes, getting from top to bottom or from side to side in a relatively short amount of time is easy when using our safe and relatively inexpensive air travel. 

There are always deals on offer and if you can lock a deal in, the savings made you can then invest in some truly amazing tours.

Australian airlines have all passed the stringent International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit and have excellent safety records.

Or if you would like to keep your feet on the ground, you can spend a few hours on the road and explore our vast countryside, ending up at an amazing destination to explore!

Where would you like to explore first?

and so many other accessible and interesting places you could visit for a Melbourne Short Break adventure.

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If You Begin Your Adventure from a Melbourne Domestic Airport

Australia's main domestic airlines service the large centres with regular flights.

The major airlines are:

  • Jetstar
  • Qantas
  • Tigerair
  • Virgin Australia

Most flights will depart from Tullamarine, Melbourne's major airport. Some flights, however, may also depart from Avalon. Some of these flights may offer better deals, saving your touring dollars.

Melbourne's airport has changed considerably these days with the building of the easily accessible T3 and T4 terminals.

Shop here for cheap airline flights for domestic travel on any of these airlines.

"I found it easy driving to the airport and finding the Long Term carpark for the T4 terminal. Once there, it was a breeze securing a park and catching the lift down to the departure lounge. So different these days. I managed to book the car space online so as to save time and used my credit card to enter and leave once I was back in Melbourne after my break. Parking for 4 days was very reasonable.
No stress!"
Family Getaways Melbourne

Parking is a lot easier at the melbourne Airport if you need to leave your car for a few days. And the cost is very reasonable. Terminal T3 and T4 also have a bus drop off point. If it is convenient to use public transport, why not do so.

Bus drop off at T4 Terminal Melbourne AirportBus Drop Off Point T4 Terminal Melbourne Airport

Packing for one of Melbourne Short Breaks is easy to do.

Please note ...

When booking your airline ticket make sure that you have checked for the allowed luggage capacity. Nothing like saving on a cheap airline ticket only to find that you have incurred a hefty charge for being overweight.

These days you can travel for a short period of time with just a few interchangeable items, a couple of pairs of undies, a tooth brush and toothpaste and a few personal cosmetic items as most places you stay at supply towels, shampoo, conditioner and soap.

A backpack, handy for touring with, and carry on luggage (usually weighing in at around 7kg) is quite sufficient. No need to even check your luggage in. Saves time and money. These days you can purchase a carry on suitcases that doesn't weigh much, allowing you to pack more. There are scales at the airport for you to check your luggage weights.

travel lightKeep costs down and travel light

Before you go off on your adventure, do lots of research to find out what sort of FREE things are available for you to do when you get to your destination.

You might be able to fit in a few cheap little excursions in your downtime between your formally booked tours. Speaking of which, Viator, my travel partner, will have a great selection of tour suggestions. Visit the site to book your formal touring

"I recently took my Granddaughter on a Melbourne to Uluru short break holiday and hadn't researched FREE things to do. So much so, that when I got there I was amazed at just how much we could have done that was FREE in the downtime between our formal booked tours...Next time!"
Family Getaways Melbourne

Melbourne Short Breaks - No 1
Explore the 'Centre of Australia'
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Flying to Uluru

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