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"Are we there yet?"

The question seems to pop up as soon as you take off on that well planned day trip!  Just how far are you venturing out from Melbourne's CBD, this time?

Did you plan your trip well or did you just decide to hit the road and see where you end up? If you plan it well , exploring that exciting tourist attraction you have read about, will be an enjoyable experience for you all.

If you just leave it to chance, then chances are you will end up frustrated, out of pocket and vowing never to leave your house again!

However logic dictates that the countryside of Victoria is filled with truly amazing natural beauty.

As for the Victorian coastline beaches, they offer such a diverse range of features, suitable for all ages and activities. So there has to be an easier solution to creating an enjoyable experience?

Whatever the season, there is always some place where you can take the children for the best day trips from Melbourne outing ever.

There are so many places that you can get to, not too far from the central business district of Melbourne (CBD).

Venture out somewhere between a 1hr and 2 hrs and you will be amazed at the changes to the countryside.

It doesn’t have to be expensive either.

gold mining township of Walhalla in VictoriaTypical style buildings in the gold mining township of Walhalla in Victoria, Australia

For example, Walhalla, is an old gold mining town settled in the Strathbogie ranges. Put a picnic together, hop in the car and head on down the Princess Highway. Follow the signs, or better still the GPS directions, and end up in one of the most oldest yet one of the most fascinating towns in Victoria.

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To make it easier for you to decide just where to go on your next day trip from Melbourne adventure, the information has been divided into sections.

If you just want to explore a specific section, then just click onto the link to go directly to it or you can continue to read on. 

Day Trip Suggestions

Head into the Dandenongs

Towards the west of the CBD you can see the 'blue hills'. This region is filled with plenty of walking tracks, majestic rainforests, quaint tea rooms, unique Australian animals and some of Victoria's best known tourist attractions. Attractions such as the heritage Puffing Billy and magnificent gardens such as the National Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda.

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Country Day Trips From Melbourne

Apart from the Dandenong Ranges, enjoy day trips from Melbourne out into the glorious Victorian countryside. With wide, safe highways and excellent signage, it is easy to find places to take the family for a fun day out.

Take advantage of Melbourne's public transport system to get to where you want to go. Travel on buses, trains and some trams to reach your destination.

Google maps is an excellent way to find where you want to go. Just fill in your starting point and your final destination.

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Day Trip To The Zoo

If it's a truly Australian up close and personal wildlife experience you are after then you can't go past the diverse zoos that are scattered throughout Victoria.

Leave plenty of time to truly enjoy each of these zoos. Travel time, exploring time and picnicking time

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Day Trip Into Melbourne's Outer Suburbs

For something totally different and quite an economical experience for a daytrip, why not search some of the inner and outer suburbs of Melbourne.

So where do you start to look?
Check out the front of the local telephone directory, pop down to your local council or ask a local shop keeper. There can be some amazing places to explore right in your very own neighbourhood. You could even turn this exploration into a fun family exercise or competition to see who comes up with the most fun things to explore.  

Centenary Pool KilsythCentenary Pool Kilsyth in Victoria, Australia

Take for instance what was found in the quaint suburb of Kilsyth at the foot of the Dandenong Mountains. Here you can picnic, mountain bike ride, ride a miniature railway or even swim under a giant inflated dome. These are just some of this suburb's hidden assets.

You can create exciting day trips from Melbourne easily yourself or you can let someone else do the work for you. You may like to have everything arranged by booking a more structured tour with a reputable tour operator. 

Book the day trip tour that has been professionally put together, usually on these you are accompanied by a well informed guide who will point out specific things about the places you visit.

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