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Mar 28, 2020

Corona Virus

The Corona Virus in Melbourne Australia and its effects on Melbourne Tourism and you

Continue reading "Corona Virus"

Mar 10, 2020

Markets Melbourne

Markets Melbourne: exciting selection of the best weekend markets held in and around Melbourne, Australia

Continue reading "Markets Melbourne "

Mar 02, 2020

Sea Glass Hunters Handbook Book Review

Sea Glass Hunters Handbook book review to use as a beginner's guide to the world of sea glass collecting

Continue reading "Sea Glass Hunters Handbook Book Review"

Mar 01, 2020

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix | Formula 1 Melbourne

The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix is held in Melbourne, Australia at the Albert Park Motor raceway Circuit

Continue reading "Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix | Formula 1 Melbourne"

Mar 01, 2020

Free Moomba Festival Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne's Moomba Festival Australia's largest FREE community festival, held annually. Dates for this year, 9 - 12th March 2018

Continue reading "Free Moomba Festival Melbourne, Australia"

Feb 29, 2020

Things to do in March in Melbourne

Things to do in March in Melbourne, huge choice to fill your weekends up this month! Moomba is on! Come celebrate comedy, food, wine and diverse cultures. Fun!

Continue reading "Things to do in March in Melbourne"

Feb 23, 2020

Top Back Beaches of Melbourne

Melbourne's magnificient Back Beaches: where they are, what you can do when you are there, how to get to them and when is the best time to explore them

Continue reading "Top Back Beaches of Melbourne"

Feb 23, 2020

The Western Port Bay and its Beaches and Islands

The Western Port Bay coastline offers families safe swimming beaches and unique Islands, Marine Parks and Animal Colonies to educateand explore and thoroughly

Continue reading "The Western Port Bay and its Beaches and Islands "

Feb 21, 2020

The Port Phillip Bay Westcoast Beaches

The Port phillip Bay Westcoast Beaches can be enjoyed by all ages offering many diverse recreational activities for all the family to enjoy, swim, picnic, fossick or just relax here on the westcoast .

Continue reading "The Port Phillip Bay Westcoast Beaches"

Feb 19, 2020

Frankston Beach provides a safe swimming beach for the whole family

Frankston Beach is one of Melbourne's bayside best top 10 beaches, great for an exciting, fun filled family getaway any season of the year

Continue reading "Frankston Beach provides a safe swimming beach for the whole family"

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