Damming The Sea At Wreckage Bay

by Mike C.

My cousin watching his dam collapse as the waves encroach at Wreckage Bay

My cousin watching his dam collapse as the waves encroach at Wreckage Bay

This photo is of my cousin at my absolute favourite beach, Wreckage Bay, off the back of the Mornington Peninsular.

The bay itself is maybe 20 paces wide, a tiny patch of sand that we know and cherish but few people seem to recognize.

This is a spot I played endlessly as a child; we'd build walls of sand between the rocks, fortifying ourselves as the tide came in.

Eventually everything would give way and we'd scramble to safety on the rocks.

In the 25 years I've been visiting I'm still drawn to this spot, I clamber over the same rocks, poke around for interesting shells and watch the waves breaking.

When I have the time I still build dams and wait for the tide to attack.

Since I was a kid sections of rock have collapsed, the breach between the stones where we built our dams is wider but it still has that wild feeling.

I now live on the other side of the world but it is still on my list of "must visit" spots each time I come back to Australia.

Next year I'll be bringing my little boy along for his first visit and, probably, his first ever attempt at building a dam.

Hi Mike,

You made me shiver! Just the simple thought of returning to the same spot with your very own little boy and teaching him the pleasure of doing what you used to enjoy doing down at Wreckage Bay must be thrilling.

Not only passing on a memory but making sure the memory is passed down through your family.

I now have to go down to Wreckage bay and check the place out for myself. Can you let me know exactly where the Bay is or is this a hidden, family secret?

You can contact me through here. Looking forward to visiting your special place and writing it up!

When I do I will take some photos and perhaps share them with you.

I love that part of Port Phillip Bay, I'm always down at Frankston Beach looking for Seaglass.

Thanks for your Entry and best of luck in the Contest.

Bet your mind did some wandering when you found that photo.


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Oct 05, 2012
Beside The Sea
by: Joansy

Oh...I used to go down to the seaside and do just that. It was so much fun trying to beat the waves. Love the photo.

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