Edgar's Mission

by Marylyn(SuperNan)
(Donvale, Vic, Australia)

Edgar Alan Pig and The Poppit

Edgar Alan Pig and The Poppit

It was a great day 2 years ago when The Poppit and I met the amazing and humongous Edgar Alan Pig for the very first time.

The Farm Animal Sanctuary run by Pam Ahern is an amazing place filled with the most amazing range of rescued animals.

From farm to domestic, all live harmoniously with each other on the farm just outside of Kilmore.

The farm is open to the public on special days and volunteers are always welcome to help Pam out with all her duties on weekends.

What better way to teach children about our wonderful and diverse non-human friends.

Sadly I received an email from Pam today announcing that Edgar Alan Pig has passed away. His time on earth and his job had come to a close.

I would like to share this special story with you as I think it sums up just what this amazing creature has meant to all of us and especially his dearest Champion Pam Ahern

This is Pam's email...

"Caught in a whirl of emotions I struggle to find the reason why?. And yet the answer is simple.

His work is done.

Edgar was always the most gentle pig.

I remember the day when our fences were not quite what they should be. Edgar decided to wander down the road for a look see, it was panic stations everywhere until I saw the most glorious sight of my mother and Edgar ambling back down the road. Edgar merrily following the trail of bread enticements mum was using as her bargaining tool as Edgar stopped every now and then to nonchalantly smell the sweet country air.

Oh how I loved and will love forever that pig.

The fact that so many people will struggle to read this piece, through tear filled eyes is a testament to all that Edgar achieved. Showing people the magic of pigs and how inspirational they are and so worth fighting for.

Do animals know?

People often ask me this question.

I'm not a scientist
so I can give no definitive answer, but I do see countless examples of things that have to be far more than a coincidence.

Did Edgar know his time was coming, unable to stand he somehow maneuvered his way into the alleyway (I don't know how we would have ever moved his body from the stable) and planted his snout firmly against my favourite picture of him, me and ET taken the day after his arrival.

Did Edgar know that the work of Edgar's Mission has grown exponentially over the last 12 months?

Did he wish to free me to dedicate my time to helping the not so fortunate Edgars?

Did Edgar know of his debilitating kidney condition and keep it hidden, holding on to reach his seventh birthday? And while no one can prove one way or the other the potential is there and I truly believe that animals are far more akin to nature than we most certainly are.

Edgar's and mine, is a love story. The story of love that all humans and animals have just waiting to happen and a reminder too that kindness is indeed the key to a better world for us all.

I often have wondered what would have happened had Edgar not been the charming individual that he was. Both a trailblazer and a myth buster was Edgar.

That Edgar was incredibly clean, personable and intelligent was not lost on all who met him and he indeed had a sense of humour.

The one thing that I have learned through getting to know all the animals that have passed through the gates of Edgar?s Mission is that they ALL are individuals with unique personalities and traits that go way beyond those dictated by their species.

And this is something too, that volunteers and visitors to the sanctuary find as well, all the legacy of Edgar Alan Pig.

I thank you Edgar for giving me a life of purpose, hope and belonging.

Hail Edgar Hail!"

Pam Ahern

Co-founder, Edgar?s Mission Farm Sanctuary

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Apr 21, 2010
I Loved You Edgar Alan Pig
by: The Poppit

I will really miss you.

You were so big and funny and I will always remember when I was scared to touch you but I did and you were so warm.

All you did was snore.

I hope you will be happy in heaven.

I love you.

The Poppit

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