Fairy Penguins Of Phillip Island

by Nadia
(Antwerp, Belgium)

Fairy Penguin at The Nobbies

Fairy Penguin at The Nobbies

A Must See For Wildlife Enthusiasts

In 2002 I made my very first trip to Australia.

After about 6 weeks I ended up in Melbourne. I had a great time there, enjoyed the museums, parks and architecture.
But what stuck with me the most was my daytrip to Phillip Island (maybe because 2 days later I was on a plane heading home).

If you like wildlife, I definitely recommend spending a day there. In the Koala Conservation Centre you get to see koalas in their natural habitat and stroll amongst the wallabies and kangaroos.
I also saw my first Merino sheep there (not sure why that was such a big deal for me back then ;-)

Next stops were The Nobbies and Seal Rock.
The weather was a bit grey that day, so it was a bit hard to spot the seals.
But that was more than made up for by the little fairy penguins I saw along the boardwalk. Most were hiding in their burrows and occasionally took a peek outside. I even spotted a young penguin that hadn't changed its feathers yet.

Last but not least was the Penguin Parade.

This is probably what Phillip Island is most famous for. Unfortunately you're not allowed to take pictures, but that kind of made me enjoy the whole thing more.
Those little penguins walk right next and under the boardwalk so you can get a really good look at them. And when you see 10 or 20 of them come out of the water and waddle up the beach, it just puts a smile on your face.

I left the island that evening in high spirits, feeling privileged for the beautiful things nature had shown me that day.

I cannot recommend Phillip Island highly enough for anyone who loves wildlife.

Reply by:

Hi Nadia,
Loved it! You told it the way it is. Even the weather down here sometimes.

Thing is there is always something to see no matter what the day brings.

The first thing I saw was your photo and it made me smile immediately. Aren't Fairy Penguins the most amazing little creatures, to see hundreds just wading out of the water is quite a sight, so glad you were able to experience such a wonder!

Come on back soon, there is so much more to see.

Regards to you and yours and thank you for your sharing.

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Nov 16, 2009
The Penguin Parade
by: Mary-Anne

I love them.
Had the chance to see them last year when I went to Melbourne. I was lucky to see the Seals as well, bad luck you missed out.
Next time perhaps?
See ya'

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