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My Corgi clan at Dog Beach, Lovers Key State Park, Bonita Springs, Florida

by Sheri
(Bonita Springs, Florida, USA)

Daddy wrangling Shiloh after he was annoying a Great Dane he wanted to herd.

Daddy wrangling Shiloh after he was annoying a Great Dane he wanted to herd.

Rusty, Shiloh and Sampson are our Corgi family.

We live in Southwest Florida, and the pups love nothing more than a sunny day at Dog Beach in Bonita Springs.

Dog Beach is located at the south end of Lovers Key State Park. It is a tidal beach, so not the best place for laying on a towel to sunbathe.

However, in high tide or low tide, it's always fun for dogs and dog loving beach goers.

This is an off leash park, so only bring your pooch if they are friendly and well socialized.

Of course, you are expected to clean up after yourself (litter left behind will be swept up by the tide otherwise) and your dogs. Free poop bags are usually available in the parking area, but bring your own bags too, just in case it's a busy day at the beach and the free bags have been used up.

On the less busy weekdays, Dog Beach can be a nature lovers paradise.

Lots of fish run through the pass on the north side of the beach (proper licenses are required for fishing), and birds of all sorts are often seen in the surrounding mangroves.

Certain times of the year, the beach is covered in fiddler crabs, or you can dig up fists full of sand dollars.

However, it is illegal to remove live sand dollars from the park, so put them back where you found them.

Though it's not the best beach in the area for shell picking, you are allowed to take non-living shells with you.

Dog Beach is one of our favorite local destinations for furry family fun!

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Hi Sheri,

Ooooh, I so love your Corgi family!

Thank you so much for your entry and the best of luck.

Like to say a big thank you for the great information that you supplied as well. I am sure that visitors to my site will truly benefit from your knowledge.

Wishing you many more fond memories out there on the shoreline.


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