Public Transport in Melbourne

by Jess


Why do we have Myki instead of Metcard?


Hi Jess,

Thanks for your question.

Ok, here goes my answer...

To the best of my knowledge I can only say that from what I have researched the advantage to the commuter, that is the user, is CONVENIENCE

Our current ticketing systems are outdated.

Smart card technology is being introduced to many transport ticketing systems around the world.

Myki Ticket Collage

Myki will be one of the world’s largest smart card ticketing systems, operating in a capital city as well as in suburban and regional centers.

Eventually!!!!...Most Victorians will be able to enjoy a fully integrated ticketing system that works across trains, trams and buses.

By keeping your Myki topped up, you will always be ready to travel. All you will need to do is touch on at a Myki reader when you enter the train station or board a tram or bus, and touch off at the end of each leg of your journey.


Myki Benefits

myki will offer a number of benefits to public transport users:

* Convenience: You can use the one durable card to travel with no need to buy tickets every day. You don’t need to carry loose change to buy tickets any more and you get all the fares you are used to simply by touching on and off.

* More durable: Your new myki lasts for years and can be used again and again.

* Lowest fare: If you use myki money, myki calculates the
lowest fare for each journey you make in a day as long as you touch on and off. Fares are capped to a daily maximum.

* Product flexibility: You choose how you want to pay for your fare.

A myki pass is valid for seven consecutive days or any number of days from 28 to 365.

A myki pass is just like a weekly, monthly and yearly Metcard.

Or you can choose myki money and only pay for the travel you make.

Myki money is like pay as you go and fares are charged at the 10 x 2 hour and 5 x daily Metcard fare.

* Peace of mind: If you register your myki and it is ever lost or stolen, the balance is protected from the moment you report it.

Here are some interesting links that may offer some more information that could help in explaining this phenomenon...

Article from Wikipedia

What is a "Contactless SmartCard" and why it is becoming a universal trend

I hope that all the above will help you understand what is going on with the Public Transport system in Victoria.

Change is always difficult and there are so many different forms of transport within the State, it is not going to be an easy switch but from what I can see, if we learn how to use the system correctly then we will be in for a "better ride" :)

Here is the official Myki website, it may add more helpful information...

This is Myki


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Feb 24, 2011
Public Transport - Bugs
by: kiwiguy72

Most remaining myki bugs aren't actually to do with myki at all, they're to do with the fact that Metcard remains.

Here's a few:

# Metcard barriers not working.

The Metcard barriers are now 14 years old and are often failing even when used with Metcard, which they were designed for.

# Myki hardware has been sandwiched into them, however it doesn't always work. If you want to see proper myki barriers in action, there's 6 of them outside the Coles at Melbourne Central station.

# Readers not working on buses.

Currently buses and trams operate in what is called "headless" mode.

That is, there is not input or interaction from the driver. The reason for this is that the drivers cannot be expected to use two different consoles, so currently they use the Metcard one, and the myki console is simply strapped to the back or side of the Metcard one.

Once Metcard is removed, the drivers will input their route into the console meaning transaction history won't just say "tram" or "bus", it will show exactly where you touched on and off.

Drivers will also be able to see the status of all readers on screen and reboot them if necessary. Currently they have no visibility of the readers and are not yet trained in using myki.

# Topup locations.

Once Metcard is gone, there will be myki topup machines installed in trams, and you'll be able to top up up to $20 with the bus driver.

You'll also be able to top up at many retail locations, including 7-11s.

The most important thing to remember is that myki is [NOT a swipe card].

The reader needs to be able to read the card and transfer data back and forth, it cannot do this is you swipe or wave it over the reader. If you touch to the hand symbol on the reader and hold your myki still, it will read generally in less than a second.

If the reader you are touching to hasn't been used for a while it may be asleep, and may take up to 2 seconds to read. [Be patient and don't move the card] and you should be fine.


Thanks kiwiguy72

That was a really great explanation of what is going on at the moment.

Love you to keep us all informed if there is anything else we, the public, need to understand to make the transition easier for all.

Can't thank you enough for your input.

Feb 24, 2011
Melbourne Myki
by: Anonymous

I have to agree that the new system will be such a help once all the bugs are weeded out.

Gosh, how long do we have to wait though?

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