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Beach Tennis games are played on the sand at the Beach Tennis Australia Club where the general public are most welcome to come on down and play a few sets.

You can do this, either with family, friends or maybe a corporate business group.

Beach tennis games are played on sand with a net separating the two opponents similar to a volleyball net.

The beach tennis equipment used is a paddle bats (no strings) and a Stage 2 (low compression "orange") ball.

Exactly the same scoring system is used as for regular tennis, except with the permanent use of no-Advantage, after Deuce.

Plus there is no second service and no service let.

Although mainly a doubles game, singles can also play a hard, fast game, usually on a smaller court.

If the ball hits the ground in the oppositions court then a point is scored.

If the opponent's hit or serve hits the net or is hit outside the court boundaries then a point is scored.

Serve It - Smash It - Win It - Love It - Born In Port!

Editorial by Paul Mapley
(Co-Founder of Beach Tennis Australia)

As many locals know, we have been operating in Port now for over 6 years. Whilst our operation is small and we are passionate about beach tennis, above all we are an inclusive community sport.

We welcome all local sporting heroes or social legends to come down and give it a go!

Beach tennis will revitalise your search and stir your competitive juices, to try new sports. Whether it’s socially or competitively, you can play at your desired level, and we will ensure you have a great time.

Beach Tennis allows men and women players to play at their level, adding valuable exercise on the sand. Low impact and easy on the joint, it’s not only great, but a truckload of FUN.

  • BT is a crossover of many other racquet sports, such as tennis, badminton, squash played on a beach volleyball court area.
  • Scored like tennis with 'No Ad at Duece', it moves fast and, with only one serve, it adds a certain pressure which can only excite.
  • We play on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. We operate from 6pm in the weekdays and 11am on weekends
  • As the world can be a changing place and weather changes or for some reason we postpone or cancel, it is important you check our website for noticeboards.

  • We also encourage potential players to join our free membership on,  also follow us on Facebook and Twitter
  • Costs do apply to beach tennis, and each session is $20 for a casual visit. We also have a “gimme 5 PASS” which entitles you to 5 play days for $80 a 20% saving.
    This card can be fully transferable among friends and family.  Spaces are limited,  so everyone gets a great opportunity to workout and play. 

  • We supply all the equipment and setup the courts, all we need is your passion to take on the challenge of this awesome new sport.

It’s easy to stand on the side lines and it can be equally good to watch, but if you get out there with us, you’ll totally understand, why we are so passionate.

Make beach tennis yours today

Yours in passion and beach tennis

“Love the Beach? - Love BEACH TENNIS”

Cheers for now,

Paul Mapley
Beach Tennis Aus
Born in PORT!


Where: Port Melb, Station Pier Beach (Spirit of Tas.) End of the line #109 Tram

Play Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Beach tennis Games played at Port Melbourne Beach Melbourne AustraliaBeach tennis Games On The Port Melbourne Foreshore

Origins Of Beach Tennis

In 1988 Beach tennis was played for the first time as an organized event on the beach at Grado, Italy. The match was played using a normal tennis racquet. It was played on a beach-volleyball court and was replayed at the same venue each year until 1988.

Since then the game has taken the world by storm with championships being held in different countries all around the world.

Beach tennis racquet used to play beach tennis games down at Port Melbourne BeachBeach Tennis Racquet

How Beach Tennis Games Are Played On The Sandy Foreshore

A match is played to the best of 3 sets (a player/team needs to win 2 sets to win the match).

The first player/team to win six games, wins that “Set”, provided there is a margin of two games over the opponent(s). If the score reaches six beach tennis games all, a tie-break game shall be played.

In the absence of a chair umpire, the game score must be called by the server before the start of each point.

Standard beach tennis games (No-Ad)

A standard game is scored as follows with the server’s score being called first:

  • No point - “Love”
  • First point - “15”
  • Second point - “30”
  • Third point - “40”
  • Fourth point - “Game”

Except that if each team has won three points each, the score is “Deuce” and a deciding point shall be played. The team who wins the deciding point wins the “Game”.

beach tennis at Port Melbourne Beach Melbourne AustraliaLove The Beach - Love Beach Tennis

The Port Melbourne club's focus is on Competitions, social, mixed, coach & play and corporate events.

Note : Beach Tennis Games Tournaments, Schools/Corporate Fun/ Team Building, Kids Parties, Festivals, School Fetes, Family gatherings, Special events, you name it they will find a way to incorporate the fun with some beach tennis games. Just contact the club and let them turn a fun Game - Set - Match!

Beach Tennis Australia

P.O. Box 574,
Port Melbourne, Australia, 3207

Paul Mapley
Founder of Beach Tennis in Australia 
Tennis Australia Club Coaching Professional 

M:  0418 522 008

Kellie de Burgh M:  0411 485 511 

Beach Tennis Games At Port Melbourne 

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