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Public Transportation - Part 1 - An Introduction To The Tram

The Melbourne transport system consists of tram, train, bus and ferry services, some modes operating across the entire state of Victoria. The public transport here in Melbourne has changed dramatically over the past years. We can now proudly boast real comfort, affordability and a lot of traveling fun.

Part 1 introduces you to these 4 modes of public transport, dealing mainly with Melbourne's trams. Another further 3 pages discuss trains, buses and ferries in more depth. Whether you are traveling around the city, the suburbs or into the beautiful Victorian countryside using Melbourne's convenient public transportation, you will reach your destination safely.

Getting around using Melbourne's trains, trams and buses is very convenient as you can now use the integrated ticketing system across all 3 modes of transport.

Melbourne integrated public transport ticketing system allows a user travel on all metropolitan public transport services and also some country services.

Please note: The tickets are not valid on Melbourne Ferries services and most V/Line services require a separate V/Line ticket.

myki public transport ticketMYKI Melbourne's public transport ticket

Growing up in Melbourne and travelling on trams, trains and buses back then, was very basic, cold and uncomfortable with the old green trams rattling and swaying along the tracks. The old 'red rattlers' (trains, were no better!

These days it is a pleasure riding this modern mode of public transport.

Melbourne Australia modern trams compliments of .Melbourne Australia modern trams

Some of Melbourne's old trams can still be experienced, renovated beautifully and presenting themselves as part of Melbourne's heritage.

The FREE City Circle Tram travels around the CBD covering...

  • Flinders Street
  • Spring Street
  • Nicholson Street
  • Victoria Street
  • LaTrobe Street
  • Harbor Esplanade.

It also travels the exciting Docklands precinct.

These trams are recognized by their distinctive maroon federation colors.

Some of the trams have a recorded commentary pointing out the attractions along the way. There is usually a supply of brochures and sometimes you will find a live guide on board.

Heritage City Circle Tram melbourne Australia compliments of  Heritage City Circle Tram melbourne Australia

Trams form a crucial part of Melbourne's public transportation system known as Metlink. They service the central city district and the inner suburbs.

For more detail on how the Melbourne public transportation integrated ticketing system works visit the Metcard page.

The Metcard has now been replaced with the upgraded Myki travel card.

To ride the Melbourne trams you will need to touch on with your Myki ticket

Your myki pass activates when you first touch on and touch off in your chosen pass zone(s).

Click the links, here, for more detailed information on how to use this travel ticket and where to buy it.

It Is Not Legal To Travel Melbourne's Public Transport without a ticket and doing so carries a hefty fine!

Decorated Melbourne TramDecorated Melbourne Tram

When visiting the city you will find trams that are decorated with lights and advertising celebrating whatever live entertainment is showing in town.

Riding on our Melbourne trams is a pleasurable experience, well if you avoid peak hour rushes.

At most stops in the city you will find staff who can direct you and answer you tourist type questions. Just look for their brightly colored yellow vests.

There also are stands displaying tram numbers and routes for your traveling convenience.

Click this link  Public Transport Victoria  for more details on tram timetables, zones and fares

Ride Melbourne's public transportation for fun commuting experiences

See the city and its surrounds riding the Hop n Hop off Touring bus.

Melbourne Hop on Hop off Tour & Melbourne Zoo
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mother and baby orangutansMother and baby orangutans

See the best of Melbourne city's many highlights at your leisure plus get up close to hundreds of different animals at Melbourne Zoo with this combo pass! Save both time and money with a combined pass that gives you 24 hours' unlimited access to a city sightseeing bus that covers 23 popular stops around Melbourne and its suburbs on a double decker bus, as well as entry to one of Victoria's top wildlife attractions.

Take in Melbourne's iconic laneways, cafes, restaurants, and plenty of other essentials, pay a visit to beachside St. Kilda and much more.

Follow it up with entry to Melbourne Zoo where you can have firsthand encounters with all corners of the animal kingdom - from Sumatran Tigers to Gorillas in a special Rainforest section to native Aussie animal favourites such as koalas, kangaroos and more nestled amongst authentic Australian bush.

With over 300 species in total, it's a comprehensive wildlife attraction right in the heart of Melbourne with plenty to see and enjoy for adults and kids alike. Sightseeing and wildlife fun combine to make this a great value combo pass in Melbourne city - so book yours online today!

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Melbourne's public transportation is diverse, unique and easy to usePlease pin me to your Pinterest Board
Melbourne's public transportation is diverse, unique and easy to usePlease pin me to your Pinterest Board
Melbourne's public transportation is diverse, unique and easy to usePlease pin me to your Pinterest Board

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