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Melbourne Weather In March
   The Most Consistent Weather Month - Well Almost!   

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Mostly the days have clear, blue skies and the temperatures are usually quite mild.

Just coming out of a hot summer, the days are still relatively long and evening celebrations are still being enjoyed.

The climate in March would have to be the most pleasant and enjoyable times of the year.

The Average Temperatures for the weather in March are:

High 23.9 – Low 13.2 degrees Celsius.

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Sunset Over The Bolte Bridge, Melbourne - Australia

March sunset over the Bolte Bridge, Melbourne - Australia compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/strelets/3563999832/

Quite a few outside festive events are held during this month as the Melbourne weather in March produces just that right balance of conditions.

Events such as...

KISS and Kimi Raikkonen, Formula 1 World Championship

Melbourne, Australia 2008

Formula1 grand Prix 2008 compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/97302051@N00/2333934441/

Melbourne is in fine spirits as the weather is mild, the sun is warm yet not too hot and there is the promise of fine weather throughout the day.

Moomba Carnival On The Banks Of The Yarra River

Moomba carnival on the banks of the Yarra River, Melbourne - Australia, compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/melburnian/4412988342/

The climate in Melbourne is greatly affected by its position. There are hot inland areas, as well as the considerably cooler southern ocean.

Cold fronts can often form and this can result in occasional downpours of rain.

There is a possibility of thunderstorms and these can sometimes be accompanied with hail - big hail!

Sudden, Surprise Hail Storm In The Heart Of The City

Federation Square, Storm hits Melbourne - Hail, compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/35314767@N00/4409724707/

6 March 2010 - Storms pass directly over Melbourne bringing large hail, flash flooding and high winds, causing widespread damage across western and central Victoria, stopping all modes of transportation in Melbourne. CBD streets of Flinders, Spencer and Elizabeth were spectacularly flash flooded.

Hail Storm video

The best thing to do is be prepared for all contingencies.

Melbourne weather forecasts are usually quite accurate and if it is predicted that there will be rain then there usually is.

Hail is rare so do take care and watch the forecast.

It can be quite heavy as you can see from the video above but most times the hail stones are small and do little damage.

Enjoy the warm and balmy nights, perhaps a carriage ride in the city with the family or maybe a tramcar restaurant meal.

Melbourne weather in March is superb and the city at night is such a pretty sight.

Carriage Ride Through Melbourne City Central

Horse and coach ride through the streets of Melbourne, Australia compliments of http://www.flickr.com/photos/savioseb/7271100916/

Check out some fun, family activities that you could enjoy in the month of March here in Melbourne, Australia.

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